Monday, November 3, 2014

2 Months

Hey FAM!!!

Wow, this week has been absolutely CRAZY!!!!!!! But I guess I can start with the baptism eh?

Eirik's baptism was just INCREDIBLE!!! The morning was really stressful as we rushed to print off programs, pack towels and blankets, and get a few last minute things.  But here's the thing, because Ålesund has been FREEZING lately, we were really worried about Eirik and how cold he would be especially after being in the fjord.  But as Søster Shaw and I left the apartment in the morning, our jaws dropped, because for the first time since I've been here, it was WARM! Like really really warm.  So warm that I needed to take off the two jackets that I always have on in the mornings!  It was CRAZY! Søster Shaw and I headed over to the church and started setting up, then Eirik walked in! In a suit!! It was really different then his usual jeans and hoodie.  He looked so excited and so ready! Then he told us that he had said a prayer the night before that he wouldn't be too cold!  And did Heavenly Father answer that prayer or what?? The Elders from Kristiansund came down to be the witnesses for the baptism and when they came, they started talking to Eirik and I just got so excited for him!  This is his first step!  We all drove out to the fjord after the meeting, and he was baptized!!  And oh my goodness, when he was walking back to shore, he had the BIGGEST smile on his face!  He later told the Elders ,"I can't wait until I get to baptize someone."  Isn't that awesome!  He has a bigger goal in mind!  His baptism isn't his finish line.  He told us that he really wants to serve a mission and get to the temple as soon as he can!  He is just so cool!

The day before his baptism, Søster Shaw and I flew up to Trondheim for Zone Conference.  It was SO GREAT to see yet another beautiful Norwegian city!  But it was even better to see Søster Nielson and Søster Williams again since they are serving in Trondheim! The whole conference was just fantastic and at the end, we rode to the airport with President and Sister Evans.  Those two are INCREDIBLE!!! I just look up to them so much!

We had a Halloween party the night of Eiriks baptism and it was SUPER FUN!  Åse Marie told us to wear as much white as we could and she brought angel wings and halos for us to wear so we could be angels for Halloween! Then our branch president dressed up in Harry Potter robes and had a weeping angel (from Doctor Who) mask on. So that was super funny!! WE carved pumpkins and apparently, they don't really do that here in Norway... yeah... They all thought it was cool when I started carving a Norwegian flag instead of just a regular smiley face :)

I LOVED seeing all of the pictures this week!!! Heather's costume looks AWESOME, and I hear from Grakum that she is quite the dating machine... WEIRD!!! Heather! SEND ME AN EMAIL! ;) I'm supposed to be hearing about all of these you NUT! ;) The picture of Sarah's face is scary! Tami did such a great job with her makeup!  I want to see pictures of Dad and Hayden too! :)  

Well, family, I'll be sure and keep you updated on all of the awesome things happening here in Ålesund.  Miracles STILL HAPPEN!!! Like everyday!! Heavenly Father is in his work and Jesus Christ is our third companion here. As a mission, we are reading and studying about Christs life to prepare for Christmas so we are reading all four gospels (Matt, Mark, Luke, John) It has been incredible and if ya find some time, really study Christ's life, because that is who we need to strive to be :) This gospel is so true and so real!!! I love you all and I'll talk to ya next week!!!

Søster Heywood
Eirik's Baptism out in the Fjord

Jess has served 2 months now

Jessica carved the Norway flag

Eirik's Baptism Day

Zone Conference in Trondheim - 
Reunion with Soster Williams

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