Monday, August 31, 2015

Small girl in a BIG city! :)‏

Just kidding, Oslo isn't that big, but definitely bigger than anywhere else I've lived! I'm really glad we have a car and that Sister Randall knows where she is going, because this city is a maze! Like... ya know how most cities have a block system?... yeah... Not Olso :) But I'm absolutely loving it here!
On tuesday, we got to teach the Norwegian family again, and this time, the kids were there.  They fed us dinner, (yes, an investigator... feeding US dinner! oh yeah!), then we started the lesson afterwards.  We gave them each a piece of paper and told them that we were going to tell a story about families, and that they would have to draw it as we told it. Then we taught the Plan of Salvation.  We told them all about how they can be together as a family forever and that it doesn't just end here.  The kids had awesome questions, and the spirit was just so strong!  AS I was bearing my testimony to them about families, I kept thinkin about you guys and how this year and a half away is nothing! It's a blink of an eye, because our family is forever!! I love that and I'm realizing more and more what that means.  
Tuesday was also our two-zone p-day since we had a mission tour on Wednesday.  Unfortunately it was raining, so my first p-day in Oslo was playing card games (mostly spoons) in the church with a bunch of other missionaries.  It was really fun (except I have a bruise on the back of my leg... yup... I got hurt playing a card game... see family? I haven't changed a bit! haha!
The conference on Wednesday was so good! Elder Johnson from the seventy came and spoke to us.  He actually served his mission in Norway!! With President Hill! That was awesome.  He talked about a lot of different things, but one thing in particular he focused on was helping people commit.  He had two missionaries come up and being their investigator, he told them that he hadn't had time to read the Book of Mormon, but that he still wanted the missionaries to keep coming and just tell him about the church.   Initially, the missionaries were fine with that.  Then he explained it in another way.  He said, "I want to play soccer.  I want to play in the World Cup. And you guys have to help me get there.  Tell me all about soccer.  show me videos of people playing soccer.  But I don't want to ever run, or train, or really do anything.  and after a few months, I'm sure I'll be able to play in the World Cup." Of course we were all laughing by then.  Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. To invite people to ACT! The people we teach CANNOT get a testimony unless they DO THINGS. A lesson without a commitment has little purpose.
Another fun thing from this week: The mission office moved from Sandvika to Oslo, so since we were on the Oslo end, we offered to help unpack the already packed and moved boxes.  We decided to take on the project of orginizing and shelving 70 Languages of the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, manuals, and other materials. It took 4 hours one day and two hours the next day, but we finally did it! An here's the kicker: We actually use all of those languages here in Norway.  I swear, I think I've met someone from every continent here...wait... yup! I've met and taught someone from every continent here. It's CRAZY! 
Other Fun things:
-Taught Aviz again- She already has a testimony of Joseph Smith :) 
-A group of kids came to church on Sunday because they were doing a project for school.  So we got to show them around the building and tell them more about what we believe in.  Way cool.
-Reunited with Sister Larsen: I LOVE HER!!!!! Yup!
-Asked a less active old lady to tell us a story from when she was young, and she told us about her first love... during World War 2.... I'm going to write a book based on her story... not even a joke.
-Most people that we contact think we're absolutely crazy and usually don't even treat us like people... so that's lame.
-Don't know if I mentioned this last week or not, but Sister Randall's favorite musical is Aida!!! AHH!!! yup! We'll be friends for a long time.

I've been reading the Book of Mormon lately with an emphasis on Christ.  Newsflash: That Book is really another testament of Jesus Christ. Yup! It's true. Also, every person in that book lived. They all had families, and a childhood, and trials.  It's true!

I love you family!! I hope you are all changing, growing, and becoming better and better than you were yesterday! Keep it up! The church is true, the Book is blue!

Organizing the books/pamphlets at the new mission office.

A beautiful p-day, sitting on the docks by the river.  what could possibly go wrong??
I dunno... maybe Sister Heywood could be swinging her legs off the edge and kick her shoe into the water?... #notallowedtoswim....

Monday, August 24, 2015

Operation: OSLO‏

Hey Family!!!
Holy Guacamole have I got a lot to tell ya.... wow... where to begin...
First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAKUM! p.s. you have the same birthday as Sister Randall, my new companion.  I thought about you lot's yesterday and hope you had a great day!
On Tuesday, we met with Ricardo for my last time, and that was rough.  just hard.  He is so incredible and has really changed my whole life! He had Sister Larsen say the closing prayer, then said right afterwards: "I should have said it. I need to thank Heavenly Father for sending Sister Heywood to me that day on the street and for all of the things that she has taught me." Then he looked at me and said, "thank you SO much."  I couldn't help it... I defs teared up a bit :) I'm going to be friends with Ricardo for a long time!
Then on Wednesday, it was time to go to Oslo.  I packed up all my things, got to the train station, and had to wait a little bit for my train all alone. (Being all alone is SO weird!!!) Then the train came and I realized something... I have two hands... and three suitcases... and a backpack... and my dynebag... so I got two of my bags on the train then ran back to get the other two.  Right as I got them on the train it pulled away. PHEW! Then as I was sitting on the train, I realized: I have to get back off... and find Sister Randall.... in a really big train station... Uff da! Luckily, there was a really nice man on the train who helped me get my things off. Then I put my carryon on top of my big suitcase, and my dyne bag on top of my other suitcase, and tried to walk... then up an elavator, then a little bit further... don't ask how many times the carry-on fell off... yup! But then I hear, "Sister Heywood!" and there's Sister Randall. (never been so relieved in my life!)
Little bit about Sister Randall. She's from Utah, went to U of U for a year, LOVES Broadway Musicals (seriously....God loves me) and her birthday was on Sunday! :) She is super sweet and came on her mission in January. She's awesome. 
Also, WAY cool story: so a few months before my mission, A couple of the girls and I went to Temple Square together and tried to find a Norwegian missionary. We did, and her name is Sister Isaksen.  She told us a bit about Norway and how much we would love it there.  Well, guess who just came home from her mission on Thursday! And Guess who is in the OSLO ward?? Oh yeah!! She is the best!! And she remembered me!
Another cool thing: The elders had an investigator, Avis, who is deaf, and they weren't really sure where else they could go with her because of the language barrier, so I told them that I knew a bit of sign language.  We went to one of their lessons and the elders just said, "go ahead", so I taught her the Plan of Salvation in *Tegn Språk!! I have missed signing SO much!!! AS I was signing, one of the elders said, "Invite her to baptism", so I signed it to her, and she said yes, if she finds out that it is true :)  Then she came to church on Sunday and for the first time since Stavanger, I got to translate Sacrament meeting in to sign language! Oh man, I've missed it. So Avis is now our investigator and WAY positive! I just love her!
There is also a NORWEGIAN FAMILY that we are teaching.  That's right. a FAMILY!! AHH! They are incredible.  They watched Meet the Mormons on netflix, then saw some missionaries at the airport and asked if they knew of some sisters that could teach them more.  So now we're teaching them and it is going really well. They are just so sweet!

On Thursday, we had a relief society activity at Vigaland Park (That one that we have in the book at home with all the statues.... yup!) And it is BEAUTIFUL there! I, being my art nerd self, was running around taking pictures and just freaking out! The whole park and every statue in it was created by one artist!! Amazing!!  Definitely let my art nerd show at that activity. uff da!
We also had a miracle happen this week.  We had planned to teach the family the first lesson, then felt prompted to teach them about the Atonement.  And it went really well.  We had spent about 45 minutes of comp study practicing the first lesson so we could teach it really well though.  We went out to contact later in the day, and as usual started it will a prayer, and before I knew what I was saying I was asking Heavenly Father to let us teach the first lesson that we had prepared that morning.  We said Amen, and Sister Randall goes, "oh really? Okay!" hahaa!! But we did! We found a guy that was actually a teacher at a bible school and definitely had his own faith, but he wanted to know how the church began.  so we taught him the first lesson! It was awesome!

Basically, I love Oslo, This city is beautiful, and there is SO MUCH to see.  The only complaint I have is that we have a car.... this is my first time having a car.... I hate it... We sit in traffic all the time and watch people walk past.  There have been so many times that I wanted to roll down my window and proselyte that way.. would that be weird? maybe... :) I'll try to send to pictures of the apartment for next time! 
Last minute weird things:
-We drive through a square roundabout every day.... Norway Logic...
-The translation for Young Single Adults in Norwegian is Unge Enslige Voksne... which means Young Lonely Adults... BAHHAA!
-I really love boat rides. I think I'm going to live on a boat someday.

I love you family!! I know this church is true!! Know it. Live it. Love it. and all that jazz :) Jesus Christ lives! God loves his children.  the Book of Mormon is true.  Every little story, every little verse.  It's all true!

Love ya,
Søster Heywood

ps. -Rebecca, who just got back from temple square!

p.p.s. REALLY tall tower 

p.p.s.s First comp selfie

Monday, August 17, 2015

Out with a BANG!!‏

Kjære Familien min,
OH MY! This week was the BEST! ok... That's a lie... from Saturday on was the BEST!!! 
We warned Ricardo last week that satan didn't want him to get baptized and that he'd have to be really strong to keep away from temptation.  He took it seriously.  but the thing is, nothing even touched him! He was walking on sunshine all week long which was a HUGE relief! However... I guess we took the hit for him because this week was rough! Not just missionary rough, but just ROUGH.  WE contacted on the street a TON trying to find new people to teach and we had a lot of people just say really disgusting disturbing things to us.  Lot's of creeps. Lot's of jerks. There were tears... just rough. But we were happy to take the "Baptism week hit" for Ricardo.
Let's just fast-forward to Saturday shall we? We had planned to be at the church two hours early so we could get things ready, but we missed our bus by about 10 seconds so instead of a ten minute trip, it turned into an hour... yup! But we got there, and the Elders had filled the font and were making cookies. #CHAMPS. We were a little stressed, but soon enough, Ricardo walked in.  IN A SUIT!!! I almost started crying! We showed him the font, got him his clothes and started handing out programs. 
It was BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't describe his baptism if I wanted to.  And for the first time in ALL HISTORY, Ricardo was SPEECHLESS! haha! When he came back in the chapel for the rest of the meeting, I asked him how he felt and he just said ".....bubbly?..." haha! He didn't know how to describe it. I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost (first talk in English since my farewell) (That was rough) #should'vebeenpåNorsk... But hopefully it turned out alright.  Then the Eduardo family, (One of the best families in the whole ward) sang "I am a Child of God" in Portuguese! Needless to say, the baptism was perfect!
After the Baptism, I got a call from President Hill. One of the sisters went home, so the sisters have to move around a bit... so I'm headed to OSLO on Wednesday.  That was a shocker! Saying as it's only two weeks into the transfer. I'm so sad to leave Drammen, Ricardo, and Søster Larsen, but again, like every transfer call, as soon as he said it, it felt right.  So I'm headed to the BIG CITY! I'm just SO glad that the baptism happened first!

The next day, he came to church in his suit again, and apparently, the bishop asked him to give a talk!!! I love this ward!!! So after Ricardo was confirmed, he went up to the stand, pulled the microphone down and in the best Norwegian he could, bore his testimony.  My favorite part -> "I look out at all of you, and I can say, you really are my family.  It means so much.  Because of my mistakes, I've lost my family, but now I can say, I truly have a BIG family"  yup! I was BAWLIN! :') Ricardo has changed my life. Absolutely changed my life.  I'm going to be friends with that man for a LONG time.  In Norway, it's rare for a missionary to meet someone on the street and stay long enough to see their baptism.  I'm SO thankful I got that chance.  I love Ricardo.
So since I will be leaving on Wednesday, Sunday also was my "saying goodbye to the ward" sunday.  This ward is so big and even though I tried my best, I still didn't get to know everyone, so that's a bummer, but I said goodbye to some ward favorites and during sacrament meeting, they announced that I would be leaving, and the member of the bishopric who was announcing looked around until he could make eye contact with me and said, "Thank you so much for your service here in Drammen." I think that was the first time someone looked me in the eye and really thanked me.  So of course.... again.... for the third time in two days... I started crying... GAH! Before this week, I hadn't cried once since being in Stavanger! grr... anywhoo...
I think that's all the big news for this week. Some other funpoints:
-We played sand volleyball with the elders and the ward mission leader this morning. WAY FUN!
-Found some SERIOUS anti material at one of our less actives house...
-Sister Training leaders came and sister Hartley will be leaving this week! LOVE THAT SISTER!
-One of the Elders that went home last transfer is engaged and the WHOLE ward is talking about it...
-The bishop here looks like James Marsden
-There was a youth mission prep activity this week, so I got to see one of the youth from STAVANGER, Annett! 
-Casper went to the temple to do baptisms (found out from Annett) :)
WELP! I think that's about it! OH!! Here's my new address as of this Wednesday:
Breiens Vei 19
1165 Oslo

There we go!  I sure do love you family! I know this church is true! It's changing my life! I thought I knew earlier in my life, but I'm pretty sure I was just saying things that sounded nice. I love telling random people on the street about God and that He loves them.  It is SO true! This is SO real! LOVE YOU ALL!
-Søster Heywood

 Ricardo's baptism

 Ward members

Beautiful places in Drammen

I'm contaaaaaactin in the rain, just contaaaaactin in the rain!‏

August 10, 2015

Hey Family!
I'm contaaaacting in the rain, Contaaaacting in the RAAIN,
It's a bittersweet feelin' we're aaat it again,
We're smilin along, as they say no and pass,
I'm just trying to help, I'm not lookin for sass,
They stroll as they come. They see the tag, and they run,
We don't mind at all, we're just fiiiiiinding the ONE!
We walk down the lane with a haaaaapy refrain
Just singin' and contactin' in the rain!
Yup! That's our song for the week :) Somehow our love of musicals really shows when we need a cheer up.  And we have needed some cheering up this week.
It's been pretty rough trying to find people to teach, and the investigators we've been working with haven't been making progress in a while, so we've had to drop them.  It's sad because I feel like I'm giving up on them, but nothing happens in missionary work unless people have a real desire to change. BOOO...
But I'm done complaining! The Lord's work still goes forward!  Ricardo had his baptismal interview on Wednesday, and afterwards, Elder Rolfson, the district leader told us that Ricardo was the most prepared person he has ever met.  So I guess that means he passed with flying colors eh?? The next time we met, we asked him about some more details for his baptism and he asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.  So that will be fun, and a little nerve-racking!
We also taught him this week about temples and family history. He opened up and told us about a brother that had died way earlier in his life, and right then I knew who was helping to prepare Ricardo all this time.  We testified that he had been learning alongside his brother and that they were both ready to be baptized now.  The spirit was SO STRONG! It really strengthened my testimony of the Spirit World.  I know that there are people just waiting to have their work done, and sometimes, those same people are helping us to find their family members who are still on the earth.  This work is INCREDIBLE!
The ward absolutely LOVES Ricardo and they're beginning to see how much a miracle he really is.  The ward sent off two missionaries this week, Henrik and Hanna.  They will both be serving in England (though in different missions).  Their farewell talks were awesome, and it reminded me of the excitement I felt right before leaving on my mission.  No one could have told me what this experience would be like, and I don't think I would have believed them if they did.  
Transfers happened this week and we have two new elders in our district, Elder Bleggi and Elder Merritt.  They are both pretty good at the language already, and way awesome at working with the members. They're just champs.
This week, Søster Larsen and I found out why we need to be together one more transfer.... we've got a LOT more to learn from each other.  We have become such great friends and I love her to death, but this week we definitely found some kinks that we need to work out.  I'm just glad that we're both so open and up front about problems so they can get fixed faster :)
Cool miracle though: Last night we had a little bit more time to contact, so we started over the bridge.... the same bridge we always contact over... but it's all good.  As we started across, I had a feeling to stop this girl walking towards us, but before I could even make eye contact, she took out her headphone and said, "Excuse me, but can I ask you a question" (Which is the EXACT same thing I was about to ask her).  Then she asked why we always wore skirts.  We told her and ended up teaching her a lesson.  She was probably the friendliest stranger I have met here.  Like... I felt like I was in America! But she was Norwegian.  She is a really strong member of her church, but she loved hearing about the Book of Mormon and what we believe happens after this life.  Maybe nothing will come of it, but it was definitely a tender mercy after a week of "Nei Takk"s.
We decided that this coming week is going to be Faith Week for us.  Everytime we contact, we will be looking for a specific person who needs us right then. We really need people to teach right now. And they are here, we just need to find them.(So prayers are welcomed) :)
I love you all SOOO much! Have an amazing week!
Challenge this week: Serve someone in a BIG way without letting them see who it is! I will be following up with EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY... Cuz I follow up.... cuz I'm a missionary heehee :) 
Love, Søster Heywood

 p.s. found a field of wheat and had some time before the bus came... Enjoy some typical Sister Missionary pics :) D&C 4:4

p.p.s. Also found a river that reminded me of the Weber :) mmmmm

Monday, August 3, 2015

Washing Hands and Stealing Overalls‏

Hey Fam!!
Thank you for all the emails this week! I absolutely love all of the pictures!! Lot's of crazy stuff happened this week, but we might as well start with Ricardo and the "washing hands" part of the email.
OH MY GOODNESS HE IS SO COOL!  That's all. Just kidding it's not.  At the beginning of this week, he was still struggling with smoking and cried about everytime he smoked.  On Wednesday, he asked us if he could receive a priesthood blessing to help him.  We hadn't even taught him about blessings, but he read about it in the Word of Wisdom pamphlet.  He told us it was the only thing that he hadn't tried.  He has become pretty good friends with the bishop, so he asked if he could give him a blessing. So on Thursday, we met with him, explained how the priesthood worked, and then he got a blessing.  I was definitely tearing up a little bit.  It was so incredible and there were concerns mentioned in the blessing that Ricardo had only mentioned to us.  It just shows how it wasn't the Bishop talking at all.  On Sunday, we were sitting in Sunday School learning about prayer when the teacher asked us to share a specific experience when we had a prayer answered.  Everyone sat thinking and Ricardo raised his hand to tell his experience.  On Saturday, he was washing dishes, and some words from his blessing came into his mind. Right then, the light in his kitchen got brighter and he just had a feeling that he was washing not only the dishes but his desire to smoke too.  He said, "I just washed it away, and if I felt clean then, imagine how I will feel in a couple of weeks!"  It was incredible!! He will have his baptism interview this week, then his baptism the next. :)  I'll try to send a picture of him next week if I remember.
As far as the stealing overalls part of the email, that was just a fun dream that Sister Lasren had about someone stealing all of her missionary clothes out of her closet. She asked him to stop and he said,"fine, but I'm keeping the overalls" :) So uh.... that's kinda how our 6:30 workout conversations go.
Fun fact about Norway: Things just die in the summer... I mean like... everyone goes on vacation, and it's hard to get people to actually meet or commit to anything really... I don't think I've ever been so happy about summer ending in my life.  The ward is all coming back and our investigators are too!  And with the summer ending, even the finding is picking back up.  We met some super awesome people this week and I LOVE SØSTER LARSEN. SHE IS THE BEST PERSON I'VE EVER MET EVER. heehee.... Sister Larsen stole my keyboard... :) haha! Anywho... One thing I've realized this week is that satan really doesn't want us to find these prepared people.  There was one day this week that people on the street were just mean. Just plain mean. It was one of those "Father forgive them" moments.  Anyway, after about an hour of it, we were feeling pretty discouraged. However, we went a little bit further, and ended up meeting Nora.  She is a super cute Norwegian YSA-age girl who was really interested in what we had to say.  We asked if she had time to meet another day, and she said that she actually had time right then. So we pulled out a Mormons Bok and taught her the first lesson.  She is working everyday this week, so we're not sure when we will be meeting with her again, but hopefully soon. 
Then last night we had a little bit of time after an appointment, so we decided to go to the city and try to find some people.  We ended up on this cute little pathway with hardly any people, but we stopped everyone on it.  The last lady we stopped was on her way to the river to enjoy the sunset, so we asked if we could walk there with her and tell her a little more.  She said yes, and on the way there, she told us about her super hard life and how she had a really hard time believing in a God, but she was really open to the idea.  She asked about our families and where they were living and we told her the situation.  She was amazed that we would leave our families to come and try to teach Norwegians about Jesus Christ. I smiled and just thought to myself "Yeah... it would be a hopeless cause if it wasn't TRUE!".  
Transfers are this week as well, and though the thought of leaving did give me a little anxiety, (considering I would miss Ricardo's baptism) Both Søster Larsen and I will be staying in Drammen! WOOHOO!! And sidenote... the mission is getting 14 new elders this next transfer! and 15 next transfer! For a mission that only has 60ish elders, that's a little crazy... But no new sisters until December.
I Love you family!! Have an amazing week! The Church is True, the Book is blue and all that jazz :)
Love, Søster Heywood
p.s. We were out contacting and just ran into this little beaut. did we throw coins in?? of course!

Teaching Isaiah :)‏

July 27, 2015

Hallo! God dag! Heisann! And all those other Norwegian greetings!
I have to start by thanking the fam for praying for Ricardo this week.  He is doing just great!  We met with him last Monday, and set a baptismal date for the 12th of August! He told us, "If I'm going to be baptized, I need you two to help me prepare." We were like yup! That's why we're here buddy boy! We taught him on Monday about the Word of Wisdom, and he told us that ever since coming to church, he wanted to stop because he could smell the smoke on himself while he was at church.  He also told us that coffee would be really hard to stop, but he said as the week went on that he could feel the Spirit leave ever time he drank it.  So he just stopped! He reads in the Book of Mormon more than we do probably.  He started reading the Book of Mormon with the ward for their summer reading challenge (about 4 chapters a day), but not only that, he STUDIES the chapters again and again throughout the day.  WE met with him and the Bishop on Friday and by the end of the lesson the bishop said, "Ya'know Ricardo, missionaries have a special term they use to describe people like you.  They call them GOLDEN INVESTIGATORS".  Half of me was like, WOAH! Bishop! Don't let him in on our secrets! then the other half was watching Ricardo react with a big smile at the idea of being called Golden.  With everything we teach Ricardo, he just nods and says "That makes sense" or "I felt that way as a kid. I already know that's true". He came to church on Sunday with a newly bought white shirt and tie.  Less people came up to talk to him this week and I think it was because he looked like a member! haha!
Though, something else about Ricardo, he loves to talk! We knew that when we first met him.  At first nothing of what he said made any sense at all and sometimes he'll still go on his rants, but now he comes to a conclusion that is wonderful and inspired! For example, we were sitting by the river teaching him this week and he said something along the lines of, "Look at the water.  It's almost completely still, you can almost see the reflection of the buildings on the other side.  Why do you think that is? *Insert theory of water and wind movement here* now if you think about that, I guess that's in a way how my life is right now.  I couldn't see anything clearly because nothing in my life was still or peaceful and now that I'm finding peace, I can see things clearly now." And that is why sister Larsen and I have decided to call him Isaiah.  Because he goes on and on about things that don't seem to make very much sense, but when you give him time, and really try to understand, the conclusion is something incredible! Not that I completely understand Isaiah now, but I'm beginning to understand Ricardo.
Our investigator Møyfrid also came to church! That was her first time coming since I've been here.  She fit right in with the members as well :) She has been an investigator for a long time, so a lot of the members know her too! 
Eline and Brede came to Drammen for an eye appointment with Eline, so Eline texted me and asked what I was doing.  We were on our dinner break, so I told them that they could come to the church if I could share something with them. They agreed of course.  So they came to the church and showed me pictures from their trip to Utah ;) Then I shared Ether 12:27.  I shared your story, Mom, about being called as the Relief Society President and how you didn't feel quite ready for that. Then I told them how I had had some hard times on my mission that have really humbled me and how my weaknesses really have been made strong through God's help.  After I bore my testimony, Brede told me how he had been humbled through meeting our family as well.  Right as we finished up talking, Ricardo walked in 45 minutes early to his appointment just because he wanted to sit in the chapel and read :) Whatcha gonna do eh?
Since it was pioneer day this last week I decided to read "Our Heritage" as part of personal study.  It basically starts with Joseph Smith and tells the history of the church up until today.  I'm just amazed every time by the stories of those that crossed the plains.  today I read about a man that came in one of the handcart companies, and a few years after arriving, he heard some church members criticising how the church had let it's members do that.  The man stood and said how thankful he was to be part of that group and how none of the survivors ever complained because through their experience, they gained a relationship with God unlike any other. 
That hit me hard today.  I don't know all the reasons that we on the earth have to go through so many hard things. But maybe one of the reasons is simply to strengthen our relationship with God.  Like this guy from the handcart company,  I don't regret a single hard day on my mission. The hard times just bring me to my knees to stand up stronger and better than I was before.  God gives us the chance to do that everyday! Why not take it?
I love you family!! Keep being strong.  Keep bearing your testimonies (with words if necessary).  And never forget who you are!
Ha det godt!
-Søster Heywood

p.s. Walking a half hour home in the pouring rain? Yup! We know we look like drowned rats :)

My picture wall.

Our bedroom.

Our bathroom