Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Many are COLD, but few are FROZEN

December 1, 2014

Hey Familie!

Hvordan går det med dere? This last week has been fun with more and more Julelys, more and more snow on the mountains, and more and more people coming one step closer to the best message they will ever hear! :)

It's crazy to think that I've already been out 3 months. Some days it seems like I've been gone 3 years, but for the most part, I feel like I've been gone for about 3 days!! Time moves so fast, and people out here always say that your mission is like a sledding hill. It might start off slow, but when ya really get going, it goes SO FAST!  

We recently had a lady from Oslo give us refferals for three of her uncles living here in Ålesund, and when we contacted them, one of them invited us to come back another time! So this week we went to visit Uncle Martin and he invited us in, had us sit down, and we just started a nice conversation about how Søster Buhler and I love Norway and how Ålesund is so beautiful. Then he asked us about our favorite Norsk treats, and what things we liked to drink. (He wasn't sure which kind of tea we liked...) haha! But after getting our oppinion on Norwegian food, he got up and left the room. He was gone for about 5 minutes, then came back in and had us follow him to another room where he had set up a koselig little tea party with apple cider, pepperkaker, lefsa, julebrød, and a bunch of other delicious Norsk food! It was so nice!  While we sat and ate, we talked to him about the Book of Mormon that we left with him last time, and taught him about the Restoration.  It was so cool, and I'm pretty sure we'll be visiting with him again this week :)

On Saturday, we took the 2 hour bus ride to go and visit one of our members out in Vestnes, Helene.  She had been through a divorce and has two little boys named Brigham and Logan.  What? Are those American names?? Yes they are! Her ex-husband, (Who is also a member) is origianally from Logan Utah! And the man that she is dating now, John, is also from Logan Utah! Small world eh? John told us all about his mission in Illinois that he served, and asked us questions about our mission here. It was so nice, and so cool to have a little peice of home (kinda) here in Norway! :)

Our progressing investigator right now is Yen, and he was actually a former investigator that we found a few weeks ago in the area book.  He is from China, and I'm pretty sure he speaks better Norwegian, and English than me.... haha! He is so smart! He never believed in God before coming here to Norway, but then things happened in his life that he told us couldn't have been coincidences. We taught him about the Restoration and about Joseph Smith and he was like, "yeah, I think that could be true, but how do I find out?"  Well, Yen, buddy boy, we've got the answer for that!! The only hard part is that he works all day Sundays... but we'll work through that!

Fred, our Branch President was gone this Sunday and he is usually the only priesthood holder to bless and pass the sacrament, so this week we had to rely on one of our less active/new convert members to come and bless the sacrament.  Church begins at 12, and by 12:20, he still hadn't come, but as we were having Sunday school, he walked in.  So along with Thanksgiving this week I am thankful for the preisthood!! In fact, Eirik should be getting the preisthood next Sunday!! :) It will be so great!

We still don't have any snow in the city, though we do in the mountains. Last Tuesday, we had a Relief Society activity where we made things to put in the church's window display for Christmas. (I'll send pictures nest week).  We made a big nativity set in one of the windows and in the other one, we put a tree, wrapped some presents, and had signs saying "He is the Gift". Which brings me to the next thing...

EVERYONE! If you haven't already, go to christmas.mormon.org, and watch the He is the Gift video, then show it to everybody. We as missionaries are really focusing on that this month and sharing that message with everyone that we meet.  I'm so excited to see what comes of it throughout the whole world!! :)

Well, family! I love you all SOOO much and I love hearing about everything back at home!! I'm excited to talk to you all in a few weeks!! :) :) Keep up the prayers!!

Love, Søster Heywood

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