Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On Your Knees

I've been working as a CNA since last May and I absolutely love the residents that I get to work with! They are so funny, and a lot of the ones that I work with are SO in tune with the Spirit it's AMAZING!! Just last night I walked into a lady's room to check on her, and she was in her pajamas and down on her knees! She is an older lady, and doesn't move well, so I thought she had fallen!!! It scared me, so I called her name, and she just glanced up and said, "SHHH!! I'm saying my prayers!!" Then looked back down. It was great! I let her finish, then helped her up, and talked with her for a while.  She told me that ever since the day she got married, (in 1947), she and her husband prayed ON THEIR KNEES EVERY NIGHT!!!! They NEVER missed a single night! On every vacation, every stressful night, even on nights when they were fighting! And even though he's gone now, she said she feels him with her whenever she prays on her knees! Isn't that SO COOL?! I know sometimes I forget to say my prayers at night until I'm already in bed, and here is this inspiring lady who is really sick, already has plenty of knee problems, but still she gets down on her knees every night!! I just love it! This experience really strengthened my testimony of prayer and how truly important it is! WE HAVE THE CHANCE TO TALK TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN ANYTIME WE WANT TO! He will never put us on hold, or be too busy to listen to us. Talk to Him as often as you can, because when we don't He misses us! I know that though prayer we can call upon our Father with any question or struggle and HE WILL BE THERE!!! always. If you are new to this blog and have any questions about what I believe, feel free to ask! I love the questions!!! Good Night everyone! Don't forget to put on your smile tomorrow!!

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