Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1st MTC Email


So my P day here at the MTC is Wednesday, and I'll usually do my emailing in the morning.  Mom, I am unit #83, but I did get your DearElder letter!  Those are SO GREAT!!! Tell everyone to write me them! ;)  Sister Williams is great!  we balance each other out perfectly!  

Our investigator is technically a fake one, but we treat him completely as if he were real.  His name is Lars, and he is so fantastic.  He came here from Norway to study Engelsk at BYU.  His fiance is LDS so he wanted to find out more about our church, and what his fiance believes in.  Right now, his biggest struggle is just trying to figure out what the gospel could do for him.  He doesn't see any reason to change the life he has now, but he does want to learn. We are really trying right now to help him feel the Holy Ghost in our lessons.  So keep Lars in your prayers!! :)

You'll have to tell me about Stake Conference.  I bet President Tibbitts and President Glover kept ya laughing right?  Those two are fantastic, and I just love President Skinner too.  I want to see pictures of Heather and Tamy in their dresses!!!! I bet they'll just look AMAZING!!! I''m so glad to hear that Tamy is more interested!! Continue to tell her about our church!  Missionary work is CONTAGIOUS!! 

The language is coming along really well for me.  I may not have finished my Norwegian CD course, but I have been able to do really well with pronunciation because I have heard it spoken so much, so thats GREAT!!! OOH! Side note, Make sure Eline has my email, so I can email her as well :) 

Our district is HUGE!!! We have the biggest district they have ever had in the MTC.  They usually cut of around twelve, then if there is more, they split them into two districts.  But in our case, we only have one Norske teacher, so we can't exactly split... Our district has 15 Elders and Sisters! (4 Elders, 11 Sisters).  We are all learning the language at different speeds and some of the members of the district are really getting discouraged. (Including Sister Williams, so keep her in your prayers please. Our teacher, Brother Smith saw that she was struggling, and took her out of class for a bit, and then didn't come back for about 45 minutes. Long story short, we got excused from the rest of our class for the day, so I could help her as much as I could. so keep her in your prayers) Takk! we actually have an Elder in our district (the DL) who lived in Sweden for 7 years of his life, and since those two languages are close, he really helps us with the Norwegian! Like A LOT!!!

I love you all SOOO much! The church is true, and God is SO REAL!!!

Soster Heywood!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a fantastic day and got pampered by Steve and the Kids! I'm waiting for those coloring pictures from Rachel ;) Haha!

Soster Heywood the morning she left for the MTC!

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