Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2nd MTC Email

Oh my goodness, this week has been INSANE!!! I have so much to tell you and just not enough time! My hands just aren't fast enough!!! Things are going GREAT here in the MTC.  We got to hear from Richard G. Scott yesterday for our Tuesday Devotional.  He is so spectacular!!!  I'm in the MTC Choir, and we got to sing Be Still My Soul for him! (You can tell Mr. Mills how much I LOVE being in an actual choir again)  Our director is SO FUNNY!  Everytime we go to choir, he has an awesome messageto go along with whatever song we are singing.  this time, he gave us some statistics of how big the universe really is, blowing our minds of course.  Then he told us that all that is controlled by God, and our souls have no reason to not be still.  We can do ANYTHING when our will matches that of the Father's.  We are unstoppable!

So, really cool story:  One of our teachers, Bror Williams (also played Lars, our first investigator),  served his mission in Norway. Actually all four of our teachers did.  I was talking to him and asked which areas he had served in, and one of the areas was Sandvika.  I asked him if he knew Eline Solberg, and he said, "Is her dad's name Brede?" I was like YES!! Apparently, Brede helped them with some car stuff, and Bror Williams even taught them a couple times I think... It was all in Norwegian, so thats what I gathered, but YEAH!! Cool stuff! I started freaking out. connections are awesome!

Our new investigator for this week is Linn.  we've only had one lesson with her,so we don't know much, but I was able to connect with her because she is going to school studying health just like I was.  Very cool!  Her parents divorced when she was ten, and she lost her faith because she had prayed to keep her family together, and it didn't happen.  So she's had a rough time, but I know that this gospel can make her so happy! More than she realizes now :)

To answer everyone's questions: Yes, I have gotten the DearElder letters, and I LOVE them!! we get mail delivered twice a day and it's always so awesome to hear from home! I didn't get dad's as you know, but I got his email, and yes dad..... You made me BAWL! But luckily for me, my companion gives good hugs :) haha!

I loved seeing the homecoming pictures! The girls looked simply GORGEOUS!!!!! I'm so glad they had fun, and had awesome rides!  I don't know if I ever told Heather about the police escort I got for my Junior year homecoming.... haha! but yeah!  I'm glad they got to ride in style!

We are all SO EXCITED for the temple dedication on Sunday.  And the bookstore has plenty of white handkerchiefs for then.  They've got to with all us missionaries! OOH!!!! That reminds me along with the choir I mentioned earlier, WE MIGHT GET TO SING IN GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!!!!!!! Might... just might... we'll know for sure by next Sunday! so I'll let ya know!

The language is coming great!  It's really great that I was exposed to some Norwegian before I came here so I can pick up on most of the pronunciation.  It is SUCH a fun language! I find myself even dreaming in Norwegian now... haha!!! The food is fantastic, but having to climb 5 stories to class three times a day is keeping off the weight, so that's good ;) haha!!

I heard from Miranda that Rachel got her glasses!!!!! I want to see a picture! I bet she just looks GORGEOUS!!! :) Man I miss those kids.  Give them BIG HUGS from Aunt Jess for me!

Welp!! That's about all I can think to tell ya this time, but I love you all SOOOO MUCH, and I can't wait to get to Norway! LESS THAN A MONTH LEFT!!

Jeg er glad i deg,
Soster Heywood

Jessica said this was "Bee-Day".  These three sisters all showed up  in yellow and black to class one morning.

This is Jessica's District.  They are all the missionaries going to Norway who entered the MTC  Sept. 3.  There are 11 Sisters and 4 Elders.

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