Monday, February 16, 2015

Habari Jambo!‏

Habari Jambo!

Hey family!!

No that title is not in Norwegian.... it's Swahili! haha! We met with Louis a couple times this week and he decided to teach us a little bit in return for us teaching him! He also taught us how do African dance.... I couldn't do it.  You know me family! Do I dance?... Probably not... :) But it sure was fun!  It amazes me how ready and prepared Louis is! We just need to get his girlfriend on board, and we'll be set :)

WE had a YSA FHE activity last week at the bishops house.  It was a music night.  Apparently the bishop and his counselor (and brother in law) are in a band together and all of their kids play too.  We sang songs in different languages, tried the different instruments, and I got to play some piano! It was so fun.  Louis came to that as well, and he just loved it.  He was laughing the whole time!  We were split into three groups at one point and told to learn and sing a song in another language.  My group got Dutch, and family....... I am SO glad I am learning Norwegian, because that language was HARD! haha!

We had our usual sign language class on Tuesday and Louis came to that too.  He loves talking with Casper and wants to be able to sign with him too.  They are SO GOOD!! :) He is like a protective big brother to us two little girls :)

On Wednesday, I flew down to Oslo to go to a meeting so I can be ready to TRAIN starting this Wednesday!  I'll be training a new sister named Søster Horner and I'm SO excited to meet her!  She is from Heber, so not to far from home eh?? President told me that she is the youngest of 12 siblings! That might include inlaws... but I'll keep ya posted on that when I find out for myself!  I'm so excited, and definitely nervous.  Adventure is out there!!! :)  But yeah,  I flew down to Oslo by myself and took a train... by myself, then walked the streets of downtown Oslo... by myself, and eventually found the YSA center I was supposed to be at... Not having a companion and walking around the streets is SO weird!!!! But I eventually got there, talked to President for a little while while we waited for the other trainers to come.  Søster Boud and Søster Williams and Søster Hoggard all from the MTC will be training this transfer!! It's crazy! It was SO good to see them all again as always and I hadn't seen Søster Boud since the MTC so that was spectacular! :) Her companion, Søster Firth (also from MTC group) was there too! :) So a nice big happy reunion!! haha!

When I got back to Stavanger, I got a phonecall from Søster Buhler up in Ålesund with Eirik on speakerphone!!!! He asked me if I had been in Oslo the day before and that he saw me there!!!!!! He wasn't sure it was me, so he didn't say hi. (And it confused him that I was alone, so it couldn't have been me.... haha!) But AHH!!!!!! I was so close to seeing Eirik again!

As far as other tranfer info goes... Søster Peterson will be transferring to TROMSØ!! Which is not even an area for sisters right now, so she and her companion from the MTC, Søster House will be opening the area... and it is SUUUPER north... haha! So she's excited for that! :)

Overall, we had a better week than last week, but it's still a little rough trying to get people to listen to us.  But the work is moving forward and it's doing great!!! The Lord loves Norway, and he is definitely here in His work!  I love you all SOO much! We be snakkin' neste uke!! :)

Verdens Største Klem,

Søster Heywood

p.s. Mom, I finally met Elder Hurst while I was in Olso, so theres a picture for ya!

With Elder Hurst (his mom and my mom were college friends)

New Sister Trainers

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