Monday, February 23, 2015

High School Rivals turned Søsters??‏


Wow, last Monday feels like a month ago! I feel like so much has happened since the last email! But at the same time, time is going too fast and next week is my 6 month mark! WHA??? Suuper weird.  I feel like I just got out here!..... crazy....

Last Monday was Søster Peterson's birthday, and to celebrate, we went out to Chinese food with all of the missionaries, a few investigators, and some of the YSA.  She opened some presents from home earlier in the day and we made her some Norwegian waffles for breakfast!  It was nice for her to have it be on a P-day :) To be honest though, we probably spent most of her birthday packing her things for Tromsø! She had so much stuff!!! haha! She ended up having to wear five outfits, two scarfs, and both of her coats onto the plane because she didn't have room enough in her suitcase! haha! She left Wednesday morning and Søster Horner didn't get in until Wednesday night, so I spent the day with Søster Sorensen, until her companion Søster Firth came in.

We had a few plans for that day, but still had quite a bit of open time, so we decided to call a media referral that we received last Monday.  We called the number, and a lady named Silvia answered.  When we told her who we were, she said, "YES! I've been waiting for you to call me! When can you come over?"  haha! She spoke English and gave us her address, and we were there within a couple hours.  He apartment was on top of this little corner bakery and it took us probably ten minutes to find out how to get to the apartments on top. (all of the apartments here are on top of stores) :) We finally found it, and she let us in and immediately started telling us about herself.  She originally comes from Peru, but has lived in Florida the majority of her life.  Her son, who lives in Florida is actually the one who reffered her to us.  He had been smoking and drinking since he was 13 and had had a really hard life.  Now he is in his late 20s, and met two sister missionaries who taught him about the church.  He called his mom after his baptism, and was telling her all about it, and how much his life had changed.  She was sick at the time, and he told her, the he would fast for her and that she needed to stop drinking tea and coffee.  And it worked!! :) She kept telling us about all of the blessings that her son has received since joining the church and Søster Sorensen and I just sat there completely in awe!!  This woman is INCREDIBLE!!! She was so excited for us to share our message with her and was hanging onto every word that we said!  She is the BEST!!!! I'm so excited to meet with her again this week :)

We walked out of the appointment and turned to eachother and just laughed! Søster Sorensen was like, "Is that what it feels like in South America??" haha!  But we quickly got reoriented as we were contacting people on the street again. :)  I love Norway so much though and yeah, we don't have people lining up to get baptized, but the people we do meet and get to talk to are that much more amazing! :) If that makes sense at all! haha!

A few hours later, Søster Horner came!!!!!! :) :) :) And she is simply spectacular! She has 11 older siblings, did choir in high school, loves to run, and graduated from Wasatch High School! (I know I know... I'm companions with a Wasp....)  But she is the coolest!  And she is SO good at speaking Norwegian! The ward already loves her too!  She so humble and so motivated to do missionary work!  She was actually one of the missionaries who didn't get her visa last transfer, so she spent the last six weeks in Texas.  She loved it there, but she has already fallen in love with Norway in her first couple of days. (i mean... who wouldn't??) :)

Oooh! This part is for Daddy! We have a member in the ward named Stuart who is from South Africa and when I told him that that is where my dad went on his mission, he freaked out! haha! He has THE COOLEST accent and he is so funny!  On Sunday he gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting and talked a lot about the church history in South Africa.  It was so cool to hear about him talk about the years when dad was there too.  SO FUN! 

Well Family, that's about all I got for ya this week :) Have an AWESOME week and keep being awesome missionaries!!

Challenge for the week:  Ask the missionaries to bring an INVESTIGATOR to dinner :) We've had a couple appointments like that and they have been INCREDIBLE! :) Lykke til!

I love you family!! Vi snakkes neste uke!

Love, Søster Heywood

1. Søster Horner and I (please excuse our hair.... it rains a lot here.... :)

2.  Just out contacting :)

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