Monday, December 21, 2015

Miracles!!!!!!!! :)‏

December 7, 2015

Hallo Familie!
Welp! As you've probably all heard from Brede, we have transfers this week and Søster Firth is getting transfered to Drammen! These last 6 weeks have gone by so fast, and I can't believe it!  Søster Petersen will be coming to Asker from Kristiansand, and I'm way excited! She is one of the three sisters in the whole mission who I haven't met yet! And I hear she likes musicals! LET'S GO!
We met with Magni this week in the church, and gave her a tour. As we were passing the bulletin board she stopped and asked what a Liahona was. We explained that it was a magazine that the church gives out with stories and messages from our church leaders. We go on with the tour and we make it to the library. We saw a Liahona that's just laying on the table and without thinking, Søster Firth just gave it to her. At the end we asked if she had any questions and she asked about the organization of the church so we told her about apostles and the prophet. She then asked about women and why we don't have women apostles. We tell her about the priesthood and how women have different roles. She seemed to understand everything and asked at the end if she could come to church on Sunday! After she left we had to find the Liahona Søster Firth gave her and make sure there wasn't anything too deep for her. We found one and it was from a few years ago and it was all on Prophets, women roles, and the priesthood. It was everything she had questions about! I don't think there would have been a better magazine for her to have. It was a huge blessing! She also came to church and loved it!
We have been SUPER sick this week. I've hardly been able to hear because I'm so stuffed up.  So on Tuesday, we decided to take it a little easy and not be out in the freezing cold.  We got on the train to come home, and I sat down next to a lady, Diren, who was on her phone.  Now, just so you know.  I had absolutely no intention to talk to her.  I know I know.  Bad Søster Heywood.  But I'm telling you, I could barely see that day. I was DYING!  Before I knew it, we were talking about her family and her kids, and her faith in Christ.  Talk about finding strength beyond my own eh? Absolute miracle! and now we are teaching both her and her daughter, July.  I already love them so much!  
So, I've been reading Jesus the Christ lately during personal study, and I just gotta share a little bit.  First of all, remember that one time that the Pharisees are like, "Hey, is it alright to pay tribute to Caesar?" and Christ shows them the image of Caesar on the coin and says, "Give that which is Caesars to Caesar and that which is God's give to God." I usually read that and was like, yeah, that makes sense I guess... church and state... sure... But this time reading about it, it hit me.  When Christ said to give God that which is His, He was talking about us.  Just as the coin was stamped with the image of Caesar, we are stamped with the image of God.  We are His.  We are of GREAT value to Him.  Our job is to give to God that which is His, by giving of ourselves.  I just loved that.  God loves us so much and the only thing He wants, His whole purpose is to have us back in His presence.

Today's email is a little shorter, sorry bout that.  Gotta get Søster Firth packed. :) But I love you all SO much and I'll talk to ya next week!
Ha det!
-Søster Heywood

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