Sunday, September 22, 2013

You Know Enough

I know I know... two posts in one day, I'm ridiculous I know :) But I went to Relief Society today and we had an INCREDIBLE lesson that really touched my heart.  The lesson focused on sharing the gospel with those around us and not being afraid of what others might think of us.  It was based on a talk by Neil L. Andersen called "It's a Miracle" see full talk here!.  During the entire lesson, there was a platter of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies (MY FAVORITE!!!) sitting on the table.  The lady giving the lesson didn't ever acknowledge them for the whole lesson, but of course, everyone in the room had most definitely noticed them.

AS she was closing her lesson she said something along the lines of, "Now, I have these cookies.  I really love them, and they certainly bless my life, but I'm too scared to share them with you.  What if some of you don't like them?  I'm not the best cook,  someone else could probably make better cookies for you.  So I think I'll just take these back home and share them with my family.  After all, they know me and it will be much less awkward if I share them with people that have already had them.  or maybe I'll just keep them all to myself"  She then related that to the gospel.

We as Latter Day Saints have this AMAZING blessing in our lives and we are asked to share it with those around us.  Sometimes it can be scary and even awkward, but in the end, think of how many lives will be blessed and how many people will be saved. We may think sometimes, I don't know everything about the gospel, what if i don't say the right thing?  Well, as Elder Andersen says, "YOU KNOW ENOUGH".  We can always go back to what we DO know when faced with questions about what we DON'T know.  As long as we have a foundation and testimony built on Jesus Christ, we know enough to share what we know.

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