Friday, September 27, 2013

Just One Prayer Away!

"As the road keeps getting longer,
And you're far away from Home, 
Remember someone loves you more,
Than you could ever know.
Every night and every morning,
In sunshine or in rain.
No matter where,
He's ALWAYS there,
Just one Prayer away!"

These lyrics over the last few months have gained more and more value to me.  Sometimes it's easy to feel like our Heavenly Father is far away and hard to reach, but in our deepest trials we find that he is closer than we think.  I have had times where I can almost literally feel Him behind me, cheering me on!!  He will ALWAYS be there when I need Him.

The word ALWAYS has really grown to mean something to me too.  When I say He is ALWAYS there, it doesn't mean He occasionally checks up on me.  It means that He is there when I am happy, when I am crying, and having a stressed day.  All I have to do is think for a moment that He is standing right beside me and I am NEVER truly alone in this life.  Really, try it!! If there is ever a time in your life, maybe now, when you feel like crying, screaming, or shouting for joy, pretend He is standing beside you, because He is!  What would He say to you in those times.  

"Life is a test.  
But in this test, all you have to do is ask the Teacher for help and answers! 
And if you listen to the Teacher, and do as He says, you will pass this test triumphantly!!!"

I truly KNOW that my Heavenly Father hears me no matter where I am, or why.  He understands. He listens.  He comforts. He sees every aspect of my life far better than I do.  I love Him with all of my heart and more.  We are far away from our Home, and this road does keep getting longer, with more twists and turns than we can count.  I know that my Father loves me.  I am His daughter.  And I hope I can be worthy to enter His presence again someday.

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