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GOD JUL ALLE!! :D‏ December 30, 2014

Hei family! I loved talking with you all on Christmas!!!! Holy moly! I felt like I wanted to give an hour to each person! I just love you all so much! It was perfect!

This week has sorta been a blur. On Tuesday we had our interviews with President Evans... over the phone... :)Gotta love living in isolation eh? But at the end of it, he asked me if I had any questions and I asked if I could just stay in Alesund my whole mission... he said no... :) But hopefully there won't be any transfer for me happening soon!

Later that day, Sister Buhler and I made cookies to take to people! We brought some to one of our less active members, Liv and she just held them to her heart and said Takk! Then asked if we would be coming to visit her next week. We said of course! and actually visited her today and got her started on personal progress, and again, when we gave her the book for it, she hugged it to her heart and said, "I just love you girls!" It was awesome! She is just fantastic! just gotta get her to church! :) We also took cookies to Uncle Martin, because every time we visit him, he makes us some kind of food. But then when we gave him the cookies, he wanted to give us something back so he gave us a bag of German chocolate! haha! He's awesome! WE didn't want to have any leftover cookie packages, so we delivered more, gave one to our bus driver, and then just to people on the street. Seeing people's faces light up was so much fun! 

The next day was Christmas Eve, and since we're a little short on members here, Sister Buhler and I just stayed in the apartment, made ribbe, listened to Christmas music and opened our presents laying under our Christmas tree.... slash scarf that we sticky tacked to the wall to look like a tree.... I'll send a picture... :) Thank you all so much!! like I told you over skype, I was REALLY spoiled this Christmas!!! 

The next day, on Christmas, we spent the day with Ase Marie and watched Frost (Frozen) in Norwegian!! It was awesome!! The language finally matched the awesome scenery! haha!

Yesterday we had a Zone Christmas Party/Talent Show up in Trondheim! Sister Buhler and I wrote a parody to the song "In Summer" from frozen, but made it "In Alesund" :) 

"Tourists come, I can't believe where they come from,
"Snakker du Norsk? English? Ummmm..." In Alesund.
Some cards in my hand, Books of Mormon from every land,
probably getting appointments planned in Alesund!
Finally see the northern lights light up the winter sky, 
the alarm goes off, it was just a dream so then we cry,
But we can't wait to see, what today's gonna bring, just imagine the miracles that we're gonna see in Alesund!
The "ja"s and the "nei"s are both so intense, put them together it just.... wait what?
(more scatting)
Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle, but us på gaten and we'll be - "nei takk".... Happy missionaries!!
When life gets rough we get a kebab from the stand, 
remembering that joy and trials go hand in hand!
Cause the font will be blue, I guess the fjord works too,
when we get up and do, what good sisters do in Alesund!
"You're getting transfered" "Don't you dare!"
In Alesuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuund!!

So yeah! There's that for ya! That basically sums up the area :) The rest of the party in Trondheim was full of awesome food from the couple missionaries there, and some pretty funny games.  There was one that we had to sit in a circle and pop balloons and one in the circle had a balloon filled with shaving cream. If you got that one, then you were eliminated. and then someone else would get one next time.... and we were blindfolded too.... yeah, by the end of it, we were all covered in shaving cream.... super funny! :) 

I think that's about all for this week, it's just been a fun one, but we're ready to hit the ground running this week and set some new goals for the new year!!! :) I love you all! have another awesome week!!!

Love Sister Heywood :)
Our cute Christmas Tree made from one of our scarves

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