Monday, January 26, 2015

"Let Your Soul Delight in Fatness"‏

Sister Heywood, Olaf, and Sister Peterson

Suited up at the oil museum

Stavanger Oil Museum fieldtrip for PDay

Hey Fam!

First before I forget, Shoutout to Hayden!!!!! Happy birthday bud!! I hope you had a SPECTACULAR day!!!!!! Also... I want to see a picture of your shaved head :) That's all.

There's been some great things happening here in Stavanger this week. It has been SUNNY!!! for the five ish hours that we get sunlight, it has been SUNNY!! AH! The sun is usually covered by clouds, so this was my first time seeing the sun in about a month!! SO NICE! On Friday, we had the APs come to do a training for us about how to contact better.  So now instead of walking up to people on the street and introducing ourselves as missionaries immediately, we are trying to focus on getting them to think immediately.  So we ask them a question like, "Where do you think we are going after this life?" or "What does family mean to you?" It has been really cool and working really great so far! In fact, the other night, Søster Peterson and I were walking home from the busstop and decided to take a different way home.  (sidenote: we also have a rule that if you smile at someone on the street, and they smile back, you HAVE to talk to them!) Anyway, we were walking down the street, and there was this younger kid, carrying a garbage sack.  We smiled at him, and he smiled and said hi, then walked past us. Søster Peterson and I stopped in our tracks.  people RARELY smile back at us and NEVER say hi, so we turned around to talk to him, and he had gone into a different building to through the trash out.  So we waited for him to come out... I know, I know... Missionaries are creeps :) He came back out and we asked him a question.  He is Christian already, and very open to learning more! He was working but he said we could come by another time and talk to him. So we'll see on that one! But yeah, hopefully that story made sense... if not... oh well!

Casper is doing just great, and a few minutes before church on Sunday, he texted us saying that he had brought a friend to church! Another one! It was awesome. Casper really is such an awesome missionary! I feel like I say that every week, but it's just true!  We will teach his friend, Ole, later this week hopefully.

Our investigator Louis is doing lot's better! He originally had a baptismal date in November, but he decided that he doesn't want to be baptized without his girlfriend(wife, but not officially married...) There's Norway for ya... no one gets married.  Anyway, but he said that she has been seeing a change in him as he's been meeting with us, and he tells her what we teach him. Our goal is to get to where we are teaching them together, but they work opposite schedules so there is always someone home to take care of their son! So keep Louis in your prayers family :)

Last Monday, we got a Media Referral about someone who wanted a visit from the missionaries... so that's awesome! We called him, and he wanted us to bring him a Book of Mormon.  So a couple days later, we went to his house, out on a smaller island, to deliver it.  He lives in an apartment complex and there was no way of telling which door was his, so we tried the first, and this SUPER nice man named Thomas opened the door and helped us figure out which door we wanted.  We thanked him as he went inside, then kicked ourselves for not talking to him more! We continued to our referral's door and actually ended up giving the Book of Mormon to his wife, because he was upstairs taking care of their sick daughter.  So we left with plans to call him back another time.
But then today, we were grocery shopping, and saw Thomas! He came up to us and started talking! In my head I was thinking... okay... you don't live here in the city, and there are probably 30 grocery stores from here to your house... why are you here?  I had no idea, but something I do know is that our mistake of not talking to him the first time, was not going to stop him from hearing about the gospel.  So we got his number and we'll try to meet with him later this week! :) Miracles happen IN THESE DAYS family!

Today we did our P-day activity before emailing and we went to the Stavanger Oil Museum!  That is the main business in Stavanger and most of our members work for an oil company. (So I know why the gas prices are so low now! haha! :) The museum was actually really cool

One thing that is a little different than Ålesund.... Member dinners!  We had 5 member dinners this week, and oh my goodness, they feed us so much! (hence the email title...) :) Just kidding, the real reason for the title this week is because of personal study today.  I've been reading in second Nephi and in 2 N 9:51 it says "Let your soul delight in fatness"  I remember reading that with Saren year ago and just laughing! But earlier in the verse it talks about feasting upon that which is unperishible.  Then I thought of the scripture that says to feast upon the word's of Christ.  We should be "feasting" upon the words of Christ until our souls are FAT! :) So keep feasting family!

I love you all SO much and think about you everyday! Keep working hard, and doing little AMAZING things everyday!!!

Elsker dere!
Søster Heywood!

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