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GOD JUL :D December 22, 2014

Kjære Familie,

Woah... So I'm going to be talking to you all in like... three days!!!! HVAAAA??? Crazy! I'm so excited to see you all! I'll keep this email a little shorter since I'll be talking to you all soon! Speaking of that, we'll be at Åse Marie's house from 2ish in the afternoon until around 8:00ish... so anytime in between there I can call. So I'm thinking about 5:00 my time, or I guess 9:00 your time? Does that sound alright? If not, just tell Åse, and she'll get the message to me :)

This week was a little crazy with everyone getting ready for Jul.  Arthur and Yan are out of town as well as many of our other investigators.  It's crazy! Everybody is traveling away for Christmas and I just feel like saying, "HELLOOOO! You live in the most beautiful place in the whole world! Why are you leaving at the most beautiful time??" haha! But I might just be biased... :)

We had our Christmas party (Nissefest) on Friday and it was so fun :) We ate some sjokolade (chocolate), and pepperkaker (Gingerbread...ish...stuff..),  and played some Yatzy! :) It made me remember those famous Heywood game nights :) 

On Wednesday, we went banking, and one of the doors that we knocked on  was answered by a young Norsk kid named Jostein.  We told him that we were out to share a Jul message about Jesus Christ, and he said "Oh yeah, I'm Christian!". So we talked with him, taught him about Joseph Smith and the Restoration of Christ's gospel, and gave him a Mormons Bok. Then when we asked if we could come back and meet with him again he told us that he was actually going to school up in Trondheim and he was just visiting his family for Christmas... So that was a referral for the Trondheim missionaries! haha! 

Yesterday in church, we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional for Sunday School.  I loved Bonnie Oscarsen's talk that she gave and the story of the little act  of kindness her ancestor had done.  It reminded me of all of the little acts of kindness that have made a big difference for me while I've been on my mission, whether it's a little note from a companion, or a text from a member.  There was one time a week or two ago that we got a call from Simon, one of our members, during our language study.  He asked us if we were in our apartment, then said, "I have some fish for you!"  We went down the two flights of stairs and out the front door to find him sitting there with 2 HUGE salmon.  Little did he know that we had a few days until we could shop again, and we had run out of meat for that week.  It was so funny! And now we have more salmon than the two of us can handle! haha!

Oh! Mom, to finally answer your question, I did get the card and the packages on the same day... actually about a week and a half ago... I just forgot to mention it last week... sorry! But oh my goodness, thank you SOOOO much!!!!! I loved all of the pictures and now have them hanging up by my bed! Those two CDs you sent are incredible! Especially "Redeemer". Søster Buhler and I listen to that one constantly! It's SOO good! I have a mini heart attack when I saw the ingredients for pumpkin cookies!! Søster Buhler had to tell me to breathe... haha! We're saving those for Christmas Eve so we can eat them while we open our presents.  Oh yeah, that's another thing.  Here in Norway, they open their presents on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas morning!  I guess it's just because Santa lives so close that he gets a little bit of his work done the day before :) haha!!

I love ya family! and I'm SO excited to see you all on Thursday!!! :)

Love, Søster Heywood
p.s. I'm finally including a picture of our adorable bakery church :)
p.p.s. Also... I found a little piece of Morgan here... you can't hide from the camo... :)
Our little corner bakery church.

Camo Sister!

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