Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gift of Hands Part 2

Hey Family!

This week has been hard, crazy, fun, and tiring, with lot's of miracles! Yep that about sums it up! :) I guess I could just end the email there eh?? :) Nah... Jeg bare tuller.  This week Søster Horner and I started reading a case study about a sister missionary who was basically a CHAMP at working with the members in the ward where she served.  We got a lot of ideas from it and set a goal to focus on working with members.  Here in Norway, since the church is so small, every member has friends that aren't members of the church.  And working with the members will hopefully lead us to even more people we can teach who are already fellowshipped! So that's awesome! :) We wanted to try visiting with one member or member family each day this week, and I realized something. I LOVE the Stavanger ward!! These members are some of the most incredible people I have met in my whole life.  

Last Sunday, we actually had one of the members, a girl in her early 20s come and ask us if she could go out on teaches with us.  Family, missionaries LOVE it when members come on teaches! It is the BEST! So she helped us teach Silvia on Wednesday and it went really well.  We taught Silvia about the Plan of Salvation and she was on the edge of her seat the whole time.  When we were done, she just smiled and said, "That is a beautiful plan".  

It reminded me that as missionaries, we are just reminding people of what they already know.  As we were telling Silvia about the plan, it was just so familiar to her and she loved every bit of it! I mean, how couldn't you? It's God's PERFECT plan for His imperfect children :) But yes, Silvia opened up more to us, and told us that she would come to church this week.  On Sunday, however, as she was walking out the door with her 8-year-old son to go to church, her ex husband had come over to fix some lights.  I guess he is REALLY against them going to church, so they ended up not coming.  She was so sad about it and sent us a big long apology text telling us how much she wanted to come.  So we decided to visit her that night instead.  Her little son was there, and HE IS THE CUTEST!!! Oh my goodness, and he treats her like a queen! It is incredible.  I wish everyone had the light of Christ like little kids do.  He's just so good!

Mom, to answer your question from last week, I do translate church for Casper now.  The zone leaders called me one day last week, and asked if I wanted them to take over teaching Casper since they had been there and been learning TegnSpråk longer.  I told them that it would be best to ask Casper.  So we did, and he told us that he still wants us to teach him.  So Søster Horner and I have continued teaching him and translating for him.  Søster Horner is SUCH a champion, learning two languages at the same time! :) Though, honestly, I think the sign language really helps us learn Norwegian too. So it's just fantastic!  

Earlier this week, Søster Horner and I were at a bus stop and a girl came up, so of course we started talking with her.  She did the sign for "deaf" and I started signing that I knew tegnspråk too :) She is only fifteen years old and I guess her parents are actually members of the church in a different city, and the missionaries had taught her before, but since she is under 18, and her birth dad I think wont let her get baptized.... she stopped meeting with them.  We asked Casper about her and he said the best thing to do is to keep contact until she's 18 :) So we'll see in a few years then :)

Tell Tamy congrats on making the softball team! I always wanted to play in high school! She'll love it!  Tell Heather Congrats on the first kiss!!! WHAAA???? Give everyone BIG hugs from me! I love hearing all about what's going on at home. I love you all SOO much!

Jeg ELSKER å være en misjonær! Noen ganger det er jo vanskelig, men jeg VET at jeg er her for å hjelpe Guds barn for å komme nærmere til Ham.  Jeg vet at den gleden som alle ønsker i livet finnes bare i Jesu Kristi evangelium.  Jeg elsker å dele dette budskapet med ALLE! :) Selv om der er ikke så mange som vil lytte, vet jeg at der er flere som er forberedt å høre sannheten akkurat nå! Jeg vet at Mormons Bok er sann. Og hver gang jeg leser i den, føler jeg sterkere og sterkere.  Jeg vet at Kristus lever.  Han er min frelser.  Jeg vet at Gud elsker alle sine barn her i Norge og overalt på jorden. :)

Have an AWESOME week fam!

Love, Søster Heywood

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