Monday, August 3, 2015

Washing Hands and Stealing Overalls‏

Hey Fam!!
Thank you for all the emails this week! I absolutely love all of the pictures!! Lot's of crazy stuff happened this week, but we might as well start with Ricardo and the "washing hands" part of the email.
OH MY GOODNESS HE IS SO COOL!  That's all. Just kidding it's not.  At the beginning of this week, he was still struggling with smoking and cried about everytime he smoked.  On Wednesday, he asked us if he could receive a priesthood blessing to help him.  We hadn't even taught him about blessings, but he read about it in the Word of Wisdom pamphlet.  He told us it was the only thing that he hadn't tried.  He has become pretty good friends with the bishop, so he asked if he could give him a blessing. So on Thursday, we met with him, explained how the priesthood worked, and then he got a blessing.  I was definitely tearing up a little bit.  It was so incredible and there were concerns mentioned in the blessing that Ricardo had only mentioned to us.  It just shows how it wasn't the Bishop talking at all.  On Sunday, we were sitting in Sunday School learning about prayer when the teacher asked us to share a specific experience when we had a prayer answered.  Everyone sat thinking and Ricardo raised his hand to tell his experience.  On Saturday, he was washing dishes, and some words from his blessing came into his mind. Right then, the light in his kitchen got brighter and he just had a feeling that he was washing not only the dishes but his desire to smoke too.  He said, "I just washed it away, and if I felt clean then, imagine how I will feel in a couple of weeks!"  It was incredible!! He will have his baptism interview this week, then his baptism the next. :)  I'll try to send a picture of him next week if I remember.
As far as the stealing overalls part of the email, that was just a fun dream that Sister Lasren had about someone stealing all of her missionary clothes out of her closet. She asked him to stop and he said,"fine, but I'm keeping the overalls" :) So uh.... that's kinda how our 6:30 workout conversations go.
Fun fact about Norway: Things just die in the summer... I mean like... everyone goes on vacation, and it's hard to get people to actually meet or commit to anything really... I don't think I've ever been so happy about summer ending in my life.  The ward is all coming back and our investigators are too!  And with the summer ending, even the finding is picking back up.  We met some super awesome people this week and I LOVE SØSTER LARSEN. SHE IS THE BEST PERSON I'VE EVER MET EVER. heehee.... Sister Larsen stole my keyboard... :) haha! Anywho... One thing I've realized this week is that satan really doesn't want us to find these prepared people.  There was one day this week that people on the street were just mean. Just plain mean. It was one of those "Father forgive them" moments.  Anyway, after about an hour of it, we were feeling pretty discouraged. However, we went a little bit further, and ended up meeting Nora.  She is a super cute Norwegian YSA-age girl who was really interested in what we had to say.  We asked if she had time to meet another day, and she said that she actually had time right then. So we pulled out a Mormons Bok and taught her the first lesson.  She is working everyday this week, so we're not sure when we will be meeting with her again, but hopefully soon. 
Then last night we had a little bit of time after an appointment, so we decided to go to the city and try to find some people.  We ended up on this cute little pathway with hardly any people, but we stopped everyone on it.  The last lady we stopped was on her way to the river to enjoy the sunset, so we asked if we could walk there with her and tell her a little more.  She said yes, and on the way there, she told us about her super hard life and how she had a really hard time believing in a God, but she was really open to the idea.  She asked about our families and where they were living and we told her the situation.  She was amazed that we would leave our families to come and try to teach Norwegians about Jesus Christ. I smiled and just thought to myself "Yeah... it would be a hopeless cause if it wasn't TRUE!".  
Transfers are this week as well, and though the thought of leaving did give me a little anxiety, (considering I would miss Ricardo's baptism) Both Søster Larsen and I will be staying in Drammen! WOOHOO!! And sidenote... the mission is getting 14 new elders this next transfer! and 15 next transfer! For a mission that only has 60ish elders, that's a little crazy... But no new sisters until December.
I Love you family!! Have an amazing week! The Church is True, the Book is blue and all that jazz :)
Love, Søster Heywood
p.s. We were out contacting and just ran into this little beaut. did we throw coins in?? of course!

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