Monday, August 31, 2015

Small girl in a BIG city! :)‏

Just kidding, Oslo isn't that big, but definitely bigger than anywhere else I've lived! I'm really glad we have a car and that Sister Randall knows where she is going, because this city is a maze! Like... ya know how most cities have a block system?... yeah... Not Olso :) But I'm absolutely loving it here!
On tuesday, we got to teach the Norwegian family again, and this time, the kids were there.  They fed us dinner, (yes, an investigator... feeding US dinner! oh yeah!), then we started the lesson afterwards.  We gave them each a piece of paper and told them that we were going to tell a story about families, and that they would have to draw it as we told it. Then we taught the Plan of Salvation.  We told them all about how they can be together as a family forever and that it doesn't just end here.  The kids had awesome questions, and the spirit was just so strong!  AS I was bearing my testimony to them about families, I kept thinkin about you guys and how this year and a half away is nothing! It's a blink of an eye, because our family is forever!! I love that and I'm realizing more and more what that means.  
Tuesday was also our two-zone p-day since we had a mission tour on Wednesday.  Unfortunately it was raining, so my first p-day in Oslo was playing card games (mostly spoons) in the church with a bunch of other missionaries.  It was really fun (except I have a bruise on the back of my leg... yup... I got hurt playing a card game... see family? I haven't changed a bit! haha!
The conference on Wednesday was so good! Elder Johnson from the seventy came and spoke to us.  He actually served his mission in Norway!! With President Hill! That was awesome.  He talked about a lot of different things, but one thing in particular he focused on was helping people commit.  He had two missionaries come up and being their investigator, he told them that he hadn't had time to read the Book of Mormon, but that he still wanted the missionaries to keep coming and just tell him about the church.   Initially, the missionaries were fine with that.  Then he explained it in another way.  He said, "I want to play soccer.  I want to play in the World Cup. And you guys have to help me get there.  Tell me all about soccer.  show me videos of people playing soccer.  But I don't want to ever run, or train, or really do anything.  and after a few months, I'm sure I'll be able to play in the World Cup." Of course we were all laughing by then.  Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ. To invite people to ACT! The people we teach CANNOT get a testimony unless they DO THINGS. A lesson without a commitment has little purpose.
Another fun thing from this week: The mission office moved from Sandvika to Oslo, so since we were on the Oslo end, we offered to help unpack the already packed and moved boxes.  We decided to take on the project of orginizing and shelving 70 Languages of the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, manuals, and other materials. It took 4 hours one day and two hours the next day, but we finally did it! An here's the kicker: We actually use all of those languages here in Norway.  I swear, I think I've met someone from every continent here...wait... yup! I've met and taught someone from every continent here. It's CRAZY! 
Other Fun things:
-Taught Aviz again- She already has a testimony of Joseph Smith :) 
-A group of kids came to church on Sunday because they were doing a project for school.  So we got to show them around the building and tell them more about what we believe in.  Way cool.
-Reunited with Sister Larsen: I LOVE HER!!!!! Yup!
-Asked a less active old lady to tell us a story from when she was young, and she told us about her first love... during World War 2.... I'm going to write a book based on her story... not even a joke.
-Most people that we contact think we're absolutely crazy and usually don't even treat us like people... so that's lame.
-Don't know if I mentioned this last week or not, but Sister Randall's favorite musical is Aida!!! AHH!!! yup! We'll be friends for a long time.

I've been reading the Book of Mormon lately with an emphasis on Christ.  Newsflash: That Book is really another testament of Jesus Christ. Yup! It's true. Also, every person in that book lived. They all had families, and a childhood, and trials.  It's true!

I love you family!! I hope you are all changing, growing, and becoming better and better than you were yesterday! Keep it up! The church is true, the Book is blue!

Organizing the books/pamphlets at the new mission office.

A beautiful p-day, sitting on the docks by the river.  what could possibly go wrong??
I dunno... maybe Sister Heywood could be swinging her legs off the edge and kick her shoe into the water?... #notallowedtoswim....

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