Monday, August 17, 2015

I'm contaaaaaactin in the rain, just contaaaaactin in the rain!‏

August 10, 2015

Hey Family!
I'm contaaaacting in the rain, Contaaaacting in the RAAIN,
It's a bittersweet feelin' we're aaat it again,
We're smilin along, as they say no and pass,
I'm just trying to help, I'm not lookin for sass,
They stroll as they come. They see the tag, and they run,
We don't mind at all, we're just fiiiiiinding the ONE!
We walk down the lane with a haaaaapy refrain
Just singin' and contactin' in the rain!
Yup! That's our song for the week :) Somehow our love of musicals really shows when we need a cheer up.  And we have needed some cheering up this week.
It's been pretty rough trying to find people to teach, and the investigators we've been working with haven't been making progress in a while, so we've had to drop them.  It's sad because I feel like I'm giving up on them, but nothing happens in missionary work unless people have a real desire to change. BOOO...
But I'm done complaining! The Lord's work still goes forward!  Ricardo had his baptismal interview on Wednesday, and afterwards, Elder Rolfson, the district leader told us that Ricardo was the most prepared person he has ever met.  So I guess that means he passed with flying colors eh?? The next time we met, we asked him about some more details for his baptism and he asked me to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.  So that will be fun, and a little nerve-racking!
We also taught him this week about temples and family history. He opened up and told us about a brother that had died way earlier in his life, and right then I knew who was helping to prepare Ricardo all this time.  We testified that he had been learning alongside his brother and that they were both ready to be baptized now.  The spirit was SO STRONG! It really strengthened my testimony of the Spirit World.  I know that there are people just waiting to have their work done, and sometimes, those same people are helping us to find their family members who are still on the earth.  This work is INCREDIBLE!
The ward absolutely LOVES Ricardo and they're beginning to see how much a miracle he really is.  The ward sent off two missionaries this week, Henrik and Hanna.  They will both be serving in England (though in different missions).  Their farewell talks were awesome, and it reminded me of the excitement I felt right before leaving on my mission.  No one could have told me what this experience would be like, and I don't think I would have believed them if they did.  
Transfers happened this week and we have two new elders in our district, Elder Bleggi and Elder Merritt.  They are both pretty good at the language already, and way awesome at working with the members. They're just champs.
This week, Søster Larsen and I found out why we need to be together one more transfer.... we've got a LOT more to learn from each other.  We have become such great friends and I love her to death, but this week we definitely found some kinks that we need to work out.  I'm just glad that we're both so open and up front about problems so they can get fixed faster :)
Cool miracle though: Last night we had a little bit more time to contact, so we started over the bridge.... the same bridge we always contact over... but it's all good.  As we started across, I had a feeling to stop this girl walking towards us, but before I could even make eye contact, she took out her headphone and said, "Excuse me, but can I ask you a question" (Which is the EXACT same thing I was about to ask her).  Then she asked why we always wore skirts.  We told her and ended up teaching her a lesson.  She was probably the friendliest stranger I have met here.  Like... I felt like I was in America! But she was Norwegian.  She is a really strong member of her church, but she loved hearing about the Book of Mormon and what we believe happens after this life.  Maybe nothing will come of it, but it was definitely a tender mercy after a week of "Nei Takk"s.
We decided that this coming week is going to be Faith Week for us.  Everytime we contact, we will be looking for a specific person who needs us right then. We really need people to teach right now. And they are here, we just need to find them.(So prayers are welcomed) :)
I love you all SOOO much! Have an amazing week!
Challenge this week: Serve someone in a BIG way without letting them see who it is! I will be following up with EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY... Cuz I follow up.... cuz I'm a missionary heehee :) 
Love, Søster Heywood

 p.s. found a field of wheat and had some time before the bus came... Enjoy some typical Sister Missionary pics :) D&C 4:4

p.p.s. Also found a river that reminded me of the Weber :) mmmmm

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