Monday, September 14, 2015

Can I go to the temple now?‏

Hey Familie! 
Wow, this week felt long.  Part of me feels like I did a ton of stuff this week and part of me feels like nothing happened.  Yup! It's one of those kind of weeks.  Not terrible, not amazing, just another week of serving the Lord, speaking Norwegian, and growing my testimony (Okay, maybe that is pretty amazing!)
This week is our last week with the car, so we made the most of it, and drove to all of the less active members that live super far away.  So that was LOTS of time in a car.  But it's ok. Later this week I'll beable to contact people on the busses and trains again. YAY! (didn't think I would ever actually miss that).
We visited and had lunch with a member this week, and talked about temples.  *Oh man!.... I seriouly cannot stress it enough how badly I want to go to the temple.  I hope you guys are okay with going on the way home from the airport in 6 months.  Really though.  We were all talking about the peace we feel in the temple and how it is a kind of peace that you really can't feel anywhere else on this earth.  there were so many times when I was at home that I just went to the temple because I was having a bad day.  I guess it just put things into perspective.  When I have hard times out here, all I want to do is go to the temple, but instead, I just think about it.  that helps alright :)
Anywhooo.... Eline and I and Søster Randall went to lunch this week at a Norwegian Food Festival!! There were so many different food from all around Norway. MAN! I love that girl so much!  We went to her school, saw her through the window, then contacted for a little while until her lunch break.  (Who knew her school was like 5 blocks from the institute center?) Speaking of Institute, to answer your question mom, The younger missionaries don't have any of the responsibility for it, but we are welcome to bring investigators and less actives. (So we try to do that so we can listen to Elder Lemon's awesome lessons) :) Elder Lemon is the best.  He is really good to answer any questions we have about the gospel.  We usually set asaide a dinner hour every week so we can eat and ask questions.  It's awesome! and the Lemons made all 9 of us missionaries waffles for breakfast on Saturday. Senior Couples are the BEST!
We had moves call on Sunday and neither I nor Søster Randall is leaving. (Hallelujah) I'm not sure what I would do if she left right now... This place is still kinda a maze to me.  Hopefully it will help to be on publlic transportation from now on. 
We met a really cool and open Norwegian man on the street the other day.  He told us that he didn't believe in God, but that he was willing to listen.  We got his number, then on a whim asked him to pray before we met up again.  He said he would, but we kinda forgot about it.  When we met with him on Saturday, that was one of the first things he mentioned.  He told us that he had prayed right before coming to meet with us.  He actually prayed!! We taught him about the Restoration with a big focus on praying in order to know the truth.  He was really interested in what it feolt like to us to feel the Holy Ghost.  He really is just so sincere.  We're excited to meet with him again :)
More fun things:
-Norwegian cheese is the BEST!
-Aviz asked me to summarize the entire Book of Mormon in sign language for her.  That was interesting...
-A less active lady named Astrid gave us about 5 gallons of soup to take home with us because she is worried we aren't getting fed enough.
-There are ALWAYS students from the university in church because they are studying different religions.  It's kinda awesome!
-The bishop called us "canaries in a mine shaft" during ward council.  He was referring to less active work.... yup! Takk bishop! haha
-Sister Hoggard and I were talking about plans for school after the mission.  I think I might go into speech therapy.
Welp! That's about it for this week! I love you all SO much!  
Challenge for the week: Find something during scripture studay that you never noticed before, then email me about it next week.  There is SO much to learn!
Love you! The Church is true.  
-Søster Heywood

Eline with Søster Heywood in Oslo (notice the cool phone booth)

Oslo missionaries

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