Monday, September 7, 2015

1 Year!.............wait what?‏

Okay, so there was this one time, like a couple of weeks ago that I was eating Costa Vida with my family on the way to the MTC.... Oh wait...
There is NO WAY it has been a year since that day! AH! Okay. Done with that part. Not thinking about it. La La La..
This week though! It was so good!  We met with the family again, and the mom leaned over to Sister Randall during dinner and told her that she really identifies with this church than she does with the Catholic church that she grew up in.  That is a MIRACLE because before, she was VERY VERY strong in her faith. Still is.  But now she is open to adding to it.  We are SO excited for them.  They are planning on coming to church this Sunday.  All 4 of them! YAYAYAYAYAY!
Another really cool thing. There is a member named Tora Nyman who just got home from her mission in Finland a few months ago. (Yup! She knows the Londons).  Last week at church she walked in and told us about a guy that she had met on the train on the way there.  She mentioned she was on her way to church, and he said that he was looking for a Christian church.  So she invited him to institute that Friday, and wanted us to come and teach him afterwards. Uhm... yep, I'm pretty sure we can most definitely do that... :D So fast forward to friday... Evans came to institute, loved it but was way confused, then we met with him afterwards.  He is actually from Zimbabwe and has lived in Norway for about a year.  When we handed him a Book of Mormon, he looked at the church logo on the back and realized that his house in Zimbabwe is right by one of the church buildings! WAY COOL! Also, we told him about the Book of Mormon and where it came from and his only concern was, "Wait, why doesn't everyone know about this book? This is really important!" We just said, "Yup! That's why we're here!" :) He's a champ.  Tora is a champ. yup. Aviz came to church again yesterday and I got to translate for her again.  It's a workout I'm telling ya.  She's doing well.  Our other investigator Eystein is getting baptized in Utah on December 19th. (A TON of his family lives there) He's basically a member and instead of teaching him the lessons for the 300th time, he just tells us what he wants to learn about.  So that's fun.  He calls himself a dry mormon :)
At Institute on Friday, (all the Ysa in the Telamark and East come to it), I saw Madelen, who just got taught and baptized in Skien.  She was taught by none other than the GORGEOUS Sister Horner! (My little girl is growin' up) *Wipe away a tear* Madelen and I basically talked about how awesome Sister Horner and Grubaugh are the whole time :) She's awesome.
Other fun things:
-Had lunch with a girl who was an exchange student in America.  She's not interested, but we ate some yummy pizza with her.
- Went to the KonTiki museum. Norway just keeps getting cooler.  I had no idea the guy who sailed the Kontiki was Norwegian. CRAZY! (Also, he proves that Lehi and his family definitely could have crossed the ocean way back then.) #butwealreadyknewthat
-Went on splits and met some people from Utah who were here on a cruise.  They were wondering we wanted them to look you guys up when they got home. :)
-Got flipped off.... that like NEVER happens here.  I kinda forgot it was a thing...
I know the church is true.  I mean, Norway is awesome and beautiful and breathtaking, but I'd be on the next plane out of here if I didn't know this was true.  I miss you all way too much.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ.  The Book of Mormon is SO TRUE! Read it every day!
Love you all!
Sister Heywood

 Madelen and I 

Kontiki Museum! (The actual ship!)

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