Monday, September 28, 2015

Creeper saves the day!!!‏

Thank you so much for the email from everyone in the family!! Hayden, it was SO FUN for me to picture you saying those words even though you can't pronounce them. Takk google translate! ;) Heather, you look STUNNING in your homecoming dress, and Sarah, STOP GROWING, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
These week was full of some ups and downs and boring in betweens, but I'll try to give ya the general idea. :) 
We met with one of our investigators and talked about family history with him.  You guys.  Family.  Over these last couple months and with this lesson, I have a testimony of journal writing!  It is SO important.  Getting into the habit is hard, but it is SO important to remember.  I haven't kept a perfect journal on  my mission, but I have tried, and hopefully, as my kids or grandkids are preparing for their missions, I can have them read my journal.  Elder Lemon said that without keeping records, who we are as people on this earth is gone in about three generations if we're lucky.  So basically what I'm saying is get ready because I'll be interviewing you all when I get home (especially mom and dad). I want to hear stories :) Yup! There's that schpill... :)
I'm SOOOO excited for conference!!!! Oh man! This will be my third and last conference on the mission!... weird.  But Sister Randall and I haven't been able to talk about anything else! We are so excited!  Everybody be sure to watch! Then send me your favorite parts\quotes!
I love the members in Oslo so much.  We had lunch with the Relief Society President this week and we talked with her about the Atonement.  As we're talking, she just whips out a poem she wrote years ago that helped her understand the Atonement.  It's long, so I won't take time to write it here, but it is INCREDIBLE!!! She gave us each a copy.  We left the appointment agreeing that we didn't teach her at all. We needed that appointment.  Then at our ZLT on Friday, about 5ish members came to help (the theme was member missionary work).  It helped so much to see the members' perspective on the work that we do, and what they expect of and appreciate about missionaries.  SO helpful! These members are my favorite! 
There is on member in particular here I have become pretty much best friends with. (At least, I consider her one of my best friends).  She served her mission in Finland and knows the Londons. She has lived in Oslo only about as long as I have, and she is just SO GOOD!  At Institute on Friday, she asked if there was a time this week she could come contacting with us.  WHAT? This is a member asking to come contacting! As in talking to strangers on the street!  I told her I would definitely take her up on that! :) I love her so much!
Speaking of Institute, we really love going.  A lot.  And we can go if we bring a less active member or an investigator, so that was one of our goals for the week: Get someone to institute.  We tried all week with nothing, then on Friday, we went to visit a older lady, and on the way back, there was this pretty creepy guy in the elevator.  We gave him a pass along card and walked down to the train to go to our next appointment.  And he followed. When we got on the train, he was in the same car as us, and we just felt really uncomfortable, so at the next stop, we got off, and switched to a different car.  We never sit together on the train, so Sister Randall sat next to a girl who was about our age.  I was in a different conversation, but long story short, the girl wanted to come to institute! And she brought a friend.  They both really liked it and the lesson was about Jesus Christ.  Perfect! Creepy guy saves the day!
Some other fun things:
-the ward had a cowboy themed party this week and had all of the missionaries give their best cowboy accents.  One of the many times I'm thankful to be from Morgan :) It was SO FUNNY! Elder Lemon ended up winning!
-You know how we have apple pie? Well, in Norway they have apple cake, and it's AMAZING!!! Everyone makes it in the fall time! YUMMMMMM!!!!!
-A couple members threw Sister Larsen and Hoggard a birthday dinner yesterday.  They are the best! (And one of them is originally from Ålesund). Again... these members!
CHALLENGE FOR THE WEEK: Write in your journals everyday.  If you don't have a journal, GET ONE and start writing.  You'll never regret anything you write down.
I love you all!! Keep the faith! The church is true!
Love, Søster Heywood

Oslo Zone Leader Training

Cowboy Themed Ward Party

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