Monday, February 29, 2016

Ja Jeg Elsker Dette Landet!‏

Wow... uh... how do I start the last email of my mission... hmm.. maybe with a quote from my awesome big sister:

"So I bet you're feeling all sort of emotions, huh?? I can only imagine the excitement, sadness, eagerness, longing, impatience.... And wanting time to go faster and slower all at once!"
Uh. Yup! That about hits the nail on the head! :) So I really could just end this email there ;)
But I won't because there was LOTS that happened.  I'll try to keep it short, but detailed because well... packing and whatnot... :)
Charlene came to church!!!! WOOHOO!!! That was awesome!  And Eline came to church too since it was my last week! (Side note: it will be super weird to hear the sacrament prayers in english again) Søster Peterson and I also sang in sacrament meeting again :)As we were sitting in Sunday School, Bishop came in and motioned for Søster Peterson and I to come.  So we left Eline and a member to take care of Charlene (Takk Eline), and went out.  Apparently the Singing Time leader for Primary hadn't come, and they needed us to come and lead singing time.  Yeah, I've never done that in my life.  But Norwegian kids are probably the best and cutest kids in the world and they love to sing, so it was super fun! 
We made a little Scripture-A-Day thing for a less active member.  Have any of you tried to write a scripture for every day of the year? by hand? woah! Our hands are sore.  But when we gave it to her, her face was PRICELESS!  She's the sweetest!
Some other fun things?
- I stood on the fjord!! 
- We went to do service at the old folks home and were greeted with lots of smily old faces :) Sweet moment.
-The Solberg family is basically the best.  The best ever.  They want to make sure I never forget Norwegian, so they gave me a book of fairytales, three movies, and a cd of an awesome Norwegian band :)  I love them so much.  SO MUCH!!!! 
Welp, that's about the time that I have to write.
I love Norway.  I know you all know that, but I just needed to say that.  I love this country and I love these people and their silly traditions and their obsession with nature, and their cheese slicers, and their wool sweaters!  I LOVE THEM!  Every last one of them. 
I love the gospel.  I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ with all that I have.  I LOVE THIS CHURCH.  I love the peace that living the gospel brings.  I have loved every minute of my mission.  Maybe not in the moment sometimes, but looking back, I LOVE my trials.  I wouldn't trade them and the lessons I've learned for all the Norwegian chocolate in the world! :)
-Søster Jessica Jo Heywood

1. Standing on the fjord 

2. Crashing ice waves on the shore. #onlyinnorway