Monday, February 8, 2016

Last Month... wha???‏

February 1, 2016

Dear Family,
Wow, this week went by so fast.  I feel like I was just barely emailing.  uff da.  What even happened this week?
Let's see, on Monday, Søster Peterson and I had quite a few errands to run, one of which was getting new windshield wipers for the car.  We felt pretty clueless walking up to the car place in our skirts holding the old wipers because we had no clue which ones we needed... I think the guy who helped us realized we didn't know anything about cars.  (And needless to say, my Norwegian vocab when it comes to cars is pretty limited).  Yup! Turns out they didn't even have the ones we needed, so we had to go to a different store and go through the process all over again.  Then we had to figure out how to even put the new ones on.... oi. And that's just windshield wipers!!! Laugh all you want, I'm still clueless with cars :)
One morning this week we decided to go on a walk around our neighborhood and talk to anyone who was outside.  So we get walking and pretty soon we're on a road leading into a bunch of trees... I mean, there's a few houses, but it's pretty much a good ole Norwegian forest.  But for some reason, we felt like we should keep going.  So we did, and we ended up talking to this really awesome guy named Johan.  We asked him if he believed in God, and he said, "I want to, but I don't feel like the Bible is complete.  I feel like there's more." uhh... Johan, you're on to something there. :) So we talked to him for a little while longer, and got his number and continued on our way.  only to run into him again later #Ipromisewe'renotstalkers.
Our investigator from Germany, Thomas is doing well.  We had an awesome appointment planned with him, but he ended up needing to work.  Boo.  People with their jobs and whatnot... :) BUT! He came to church on Sunday, and loved it!  And he says he'll be coming back next week. WOOHOO!
We took a road trip to Hønefoss on Saturday to visit the members out there. LOTS of time in a car.  Oi.  We visited three families, and ate a full meal at each of them.  Lots of food, lots of sitting. :) I love the people we visited though.  One of them, Arne Pedersen, reminds me a lot of Dad.  It reminded me of when dad would say, "I know something about everything, but I don't know everything about anything." haha! Really though, this guy was SOO smart, and no matter what the conversation topic was, he had a bunch of fun facts up his sleeve.
Right now I'm reading in the Book of Mormon and just finished Mosiah.  I guess it kinda hit me again how important Abinadi's role was.  I mean, his story really only takes up a couple chapters and he is awesome!! The Lord commands him to do something, and he does it, even though he died probably thinking that he didn't influence anybody.  Probably thinking, "Well, no one listened...", but little did he know that Alma was listening.  Alma would lead a group of 4ooish people out in the wilderness to be baptized.  That same Alma would become the high priest of the city of Zarahemla.  I'm pretty positive Abinadi had a sucessful mission.  Sometimes we don't see the results of the things that we do until later, but when the Lord commands, and we follow, miracles happen.
Love ya fam!! Have a great week!!!
-Søster Heywood

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