Monday, March 30, 2015

Mirakler skjer i disse dagene!!!‏

Mon, 23 Mar 2015 

Kjære familie,

*Congrats Kyle and Kyldi!!!!!!! That new little girl has no idea how lucky she is to get to call you guys mommy and daddy!! I'm so happy for you two!!! Keep sending me pictures, and I'm excited to be back in time for her first birthday!... weird... ;)

Lot's of miracles happening here in Stavanger this week, and I am loving it more and more here every day!  I think my heart will permanently be in two places for the rest of my life... Isn't it AWESOME!!??

On Tuesday we met with Louis and HE brought up baptism.  He told us it is definitely something that he is sure of, but he just isn't sure of when. He was mad he didn't get to come to Daniel's baptism last week, but when we told him there would be another one this week, he was happy again. But yeah! We had another baptism in the Stavanger Ward.  Brightess, a girl from the Phillipines who is working here in Norway got baptized.  The Elders taught her, and she is INCREDIBLE! She was BEAMING as she got baptized and she is already a part of the ward! Louis came to her baptism, and said that he was excited for his!! But he still doesn't know when.  I hope I can be here to see it though! Louis is one of my best friends I've made in Norway! He's the coolest!

So other than Louis, we have 6 investigators right now we are working with.  Silvia, Pawet, Arve, Sigurd, Irena(The one from Serbia) and Remus.  Silvia is doing awesome! She was out of town for the weekend and wasn't able to come to church, but we're hopefully bringing her with us to a dinner appointment later in the week :) Pawet is from Poland, and we lost contact with him for the last three weeks, then last night, HE called US and asked to meet today! So I'll update next week on him. Arve's work schedule this week was littlerally 9am-9pm every single day! He wants to meet with us again so bad and we still have contact.  He reads in the Book of Mormon and texts us about it, but hopefully we can get an actual meeting with him this week.  Sigurd is a former investigator who bought a Book of Mormon on his own long before he ever met missionaries. He's a younger guy and studies at the university here in Stavanger, and he is HILARIOUS! We asked him what he thought about a life after this one, and he told us that today he didn't believe it, but we should ask him tomorrow, because he would probably believe by then... huh? haha! 

Irena is the lady from Serbia we met last week and she is so funny! She called us on Saturday after the baptism, apologized that she couldn't come, then asked us if we could come visit her in an hour.  We of course said yes, and headed to her house. When we walked into her house, she was there with two of her other friends from Serbia.  There was beer, cigarettes, and wine everywhere, and really loud kinda inappropriate music videos playing on the big screen tv.  So not exactly the ideal teaching environment.  We sat down on the couch, and her friends introduced themselves.  Since we were just meeting there for the first time, we felt really uncomfortable about asking them to stop it all.  I just remember thinking in my head, "Heavenly Father, I don't know what to do.  The spirit needs to be here, but I have no idea how to bring it in."  It became obvious that Irena didn't invite us over for us to teach her.  But hey! we're missionaries! It's what we do.  So we asked them if we could show them a video instead of watching that one.  We showed them a few mormon messages, and it was able to bring the spirit a little more.  They had offered us drinks and cigarettes multiple times and finally one of her friends said, "Wait a minute, you girls don't drink, or smoke? And you talk to people about God all day?" We were like... uh... yep! That about sums up our lives! haha! He got more serious and told us how much he respected that.  We asked Irena to bring out her Book of Mormon that we had given her last time, and taught the first lesson to both of her friends.  By some miracle, the spirit was SO strong.  They were still smoking, and taking sips of their drinks, but when they held that Book of Mormon, you could tell they handled it like a treasure.  It was a pretty neat experience! Even if our clothes smelled like smoke afterwards... Æsj!

On Saturday, before Brightess's baptism, the Relief Society had a hiking activity and we went with Brightess.  Man, they hike a lot here! haha! The warmer and warmer it gets, the more they hike! :) It was SO beautiful and it was so fun to see Brightess interacting with the other sisters in the ward. 

We met with Casper on Saturday as well, and he told us that he wants to receive his Patriarchal blessing! :) He signed, I need to know if the Lord has a plan for me to go on a mission! We were like, WOAH! Casper! No way!! So on Sunday, I went in with him to translate his interveiw with the bishop.  I'm so excited for him! Can everyone just be as cool as Casper!? haha!

On sunday, we got to teach the young women! We did the object lesson where we offered everyone a brownie, and for each person that took a brownie, one of the girls had to do 5 pushups.  But then when one girl didn't want a brownie, the girl doing the pushups still had to do them.  We taught about how the atonement is already there for us, and whether we accept Christ or not, He still paid for all of our sins and felt all of our pain.  It was a really cool lesson, and I love the girls so much!

It is so crazy that this transfer is almost over!! Our district leader is going home this transfer as well as Søster Buhler, my companion 2 transfers ago. I'm gonna miss her so much! She's a CHAMP!! :) Hopefully I'm looking forward to another transfer in Stavanger with Søster Horner, because I don't think either of us are ready to leave. I told her if I get transferred, they'll have to come into our hobbitt hole apartment and drag me out! haha!

I love you family!! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! We can feel them! There's no way these miracles just happen! Heavenly Father is in His work and He loves these people SO much! :) Have a SPECTACULAR week!!!

Love, Søster Heywood

p.s. Our attempt at a green St. Patty's breakfast... There ya go mom ;)

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