Thursday, March 12, 2015

Six months!

Hey Family!

Have I seriously been out for six months?? That doesn't seem real.  I tell Søster Horner every night that I feel like she's training me! I mean, I just got here!! Crazy!  This week has been a good one with lots of miracles!!  

At the beginning of the week, we were getting a little discouraged because we'd have hours at a time where we would just walk around the street and contact.  And in Norway, about one in every 50 people want to talk about religion with you. But that's okay!  We kept plugging away, until we realized something later in the week.  We really love bus contacting!! So on Wednesday, we decided that instead of talking to people on the streets for 2 hours, we were going to go and hop on a random city bus and talk to people there.  We take a bus everywhere we go anyway and we never sit by each other, so we can talk to other people! So we said a prayer, got on a bus, and started talking to people.  About halfway through the ride, a man named Arve sat down next to me and after about 15 minutes, I had my scriptures out talking about how faith is something not seen.  Søster Horner looked at me across the bus and just started silently laughing.  It was a little funny to teach that deep of a lesson on a crowded city bus, but to keep a long story short, we got his number and met with him the next morning to give him a Book of Mormon and explain more.  After that experience and some others, Søster Horner and I came to the conclusion that we are called on our missions to learn skills, but also to use the skills that we already have.  So in the process of leaning to talk to people on the street better, we can play our strength of contacting on the bus! :)

The work with members this week has been awesome and I am really loving this ward so much!  I feel like I have a big family here.  Sometimes as a missionary, I feel like I have to squeeze a referral out of any member, but as this week has gone on, I have just focused on the members needs instead of my need for referrals.  For example, we ate dinner with a family this week and afterward, we asked the mom to tell us how she came to find that the church was true.  She told us her conversion story, and the spirit was so strong!! After she was done telling her story, she said, "Ya know, now that I think about it... I have a friend that I could invite over to have a lesson with you guys!" She had that idea on her own, because we made the lesson about her and her needs and her testimony!  It was incredible! I LOVE working with members!!!

Silvia is doing great, and she even came to church yesterday!!! :) It was so great to see her there and I think she really liked it. We'll be meeting with her more this week, so I'll keep you all updated!

Sorry this email is a little bit short this week! We're going on a hike today and we have to be on the boat soon!  I loved seeing Heather and Tami's prom pictures!! They both looked GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad they had fun!! Give Kayli and Steve and the kids a big hug for me this week! Moving is hard, especially leaving a ward that feels like your family! I don't EVER want to leave Stavanger!! haha :) I love you all SOO much!! Talk to you next week!

Love, Søster Heywood

Pic- What do Sister Missionaries eat during training? Make-up? or Chocolate?? :)

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