Monday, April 27, 2015


Hi Family!!

So this week for pday, we went out and roasted hot dogs by a lake, so now my fingers are freezing and won't type very fast... so excuse the typos :)

This week the Drammen Stake had Stake Conference, so most of the members travelled down to that.  Even Casper got to go, because there is a lady there that could translate for him. He loved it.  There were two talks given from people who were in the Stavanger ward. #represent! One of them is Jørgen, an 18 year old kid who talked about preparing for a mission, the other was Simen Bjerga, who was inactive for a long time, but just recently came back to the church.  His mom told me that for Mother's day, he told her that he would be going through the temple!  Now he has a calling in the Young Mens and is just incredible!!

We met with Louis this week and invited him (again) to be baptized! He accepted, like he always does, but this time, he was open to a date! So we set the date for June 15th.  Hopefully I'll still be here by then.  It's SO exciting! 

On Wednesday, we went with the Gulbrandsen family to help them clear out the yard by their cabin.  Lot's of work, and quite a few trips to the dump, but it was awesome!  It was good to do some service, and see some BEAUTIFUL Norwegian countryside! 

We met with Sister Mead's friend, Anita, this week, at Sister Mead's house (the BEST way to have lessons.) The spirit was so strong and she is so prepared to hear this message.  I loved seeing Sister Mead's face light up whenever she bore her testimony.  We have another appointment with her this week, and we're so excited for it.  She is just a sweetheart!

Another member, Karl Petter, told us about a coworker that he has who was interested in hearing about the church.  Her name is Tsigereda and she is from Ethiopia!!  We met with her and she has SUCH a strong faith in Christ it's kinda unbelievable! She brought her little 2 year old daughter Naomi, and we just fell in love!  She is SOO cute, and already speaks 4 languages!! (though, I don't think she knows it..) They stayed after to the adult session of Stake Conference, and Tsigereda loved it!  

Remus is still doing great, just plugging away at the Book of Mormon. :) Silvia gets back this week from her vacation, and we have 5 new investigators that we're meeting with as well! I never thought I would be so busy in Norway!  But it just goes to show that people here are ready, prepared and waiting to hear the gospel.  It is life changing and I'm so thankful that I get to be a part of it!!

I love you family!!! Have another awesome week!!!! (Sorry, the emails a little short..... like I said... cold hands.... what can ya do?)

Søster Heywood

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