Monday, April 13, 2015

God Påske!!!‏

April 6, 2015

Hei familie!!

Ok, so I have to apologize again because this week is gonna be a short one.  Here in Norway, EVERYTHING shuts down for Easter... including the library where we usually email.  So now us 8 missionaries here in Stavanger are waiting for our turns on the computer at the church... :) Fun times for sure!

General Conference was AMAZING! I love watching as a missionary, because for the first time, I'm thinking 100% of how the talks apply to my investigators.  Søster Horner and I found ourselves looking at each other thinking, "This would be perfect for Silvia!" or "I'm so glad Remus is watching!".  It was incredible! I especially LOVED th talk about how music is the spirit, and dancing is the motions that we go through in the church.  the dancing is pointless with out the music to dance to. . Sometimes people see us dance, and make fun of us because they can't hear the music, but that does not mean that we should stop dancing! :) Yup! I'm still a musical nerd!! LOVED that analogy. We watched general conference at the church and even got special permission to watch the Sunday afternoon session from ten o'clock til midnight... And we are SOOO tired! haha! Yup! still had to be up at 6:30 this morning. :)

We had transfers this week as well, and we have three new missionaries in our district.  Two of them are right out of the MTC, Søster Wadley, and Eldste Broadbent, and they are doing SO well already.  The third is Elder Childs, who was my first Zone leader, then went to be an assistant to President, and is now my District leader! So that's super awesome! Ah man family, this transfer is going to be SO awesome! Stavanger just better get ready for it :)

Cool story for the week: we went upstairs in our apartment building to do our laundry one night, and a girl came in to switch out hers.  She is from the Phillipines, and aparently lives in the same building as us... yeah, totally didn't know anyone else lived there... I'ved lived here three months and never seen anyone come in or out except for us.  But yeah! we got talking to her about where we were from, and what we wre doing there, then asked if we could come visit her another time.  So we visited her and taught her a couple days later only to find out that she is moving this week... so that's a bummer.  But is taught Søster Horner and I that we are missionaries 24-7. In or out of the apartment.

Well, family, I know this was super short and lame, but I want you to all know how much I love think about and pray about you every day!!! I love you SO much!! Keep praying for missionary oppurtunities, because God places people in our path EVERY DAY who we need to talk to! :)

Ha en fin uke!! Glad i dere!

Søster Heywood

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