Monday, June 15, 2015

Book of Mormon!‏

June 8, 2015

Hey family!!! 
okay, so I'm just gonna apologize in advance, today's email is gonna be a short one.  We went dumpster diving for some free books in Norwegian (Free books! Why not? Ya'll know me) ;) Then we headed to go tour some old silver mines in Kongsberg! WAY FUN! But unfortunately doesn't leave me with much time to email... sorry... :\
But I will say this: Members here are incredible! We had two member families gather together some hand me down shirts and ties from their kids to give to one of our investigators, Midia because her little boy wanted a shirt and tie, "like all the other little boys in church".  And they not only did that, but came with us to give them to her! She was so happy! This investigator can't get baptized because of complications with the war in Syria... won't say to much.. but she has SUCH a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon! I look up to her for that! She always tells us how she can't wait until about 3 years down the road when she can get baptized :) Maybe I'll just have to come back for it eh?
On Sunday, we got to watch a broadcast from Scotland because Elder Holland was speaking at it! He bore such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and had me almost in tears! It was amazing! I'm so glad that Midia could be there as well. She LOVED it!
I LOVED seeing the pictures of Owen!! I'm SOOOO excited to meet him! And Collins too! Kayli, Klydi... No more having kids until I'm back ya'hear?  
I'm so glad the Solbergs made it there safely! Send them my love!! They are AMAZING!!! :) They really are a second family!
Sorry again for the short email! I love you all SO much!! the church is true!! I know it! I love Norway SO MUCH! But I would have come home by now if I didn't know this church was true!!! Have a great week!! 
Love, Søster Heywood

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