Monday, June 15, 2015


June 1, 2015

Ok, typing the title this week feels really weird... There is NO WAY I'm halfway done. I JUST GOT HERE! Holy Guacamole! the 11 of us sisters in my group are trying to figure out what we should do for it... maybe burn a scarf? We'll see....
This week was a little crazy! We have taught more lesson than I have in my entire mission so far, and most of them were people on the street.  These streets are on fire lately! Sister Smith and I were out contacting the other day, and we passed this girl who looked about liike she was 13 (Complete with the One Direction backpack! -Shoutout to Corinne ;) Anyway, we don't really stop 13 year olds, so we passed her and kept walking.  After a minute, Sister Smith says, "Wait, we were supposed to talk to her!" So what did this two crazy sister missionaries do? We followed this little girl all over the city until we finally caught up to her at a bus station. (i've never felt so creepy in my whole life! haha) But we walked up to her and asked if she believed in God.  She said yes, and we ended up talking to her for about a half hour, giving her a Book of Mormon, and teaching her the first lesson.  At the end I asked her how old she was and she is 20!! WHA??? yep... there's Norway for ya! There's no telling how old these people are! But she was super awesome!
We met with Christoffer this week, and taught him about baptism.  He commited to be baptized on July 1st :) After we met with him, we showed him around the church and he loved it.  We walked into the chapel and explained a bit about our meetings.  We explained how no one in the church gets paid for what they do, and he loved that!  He couldn't make it to church this week, but hopefully next week! He's SO cool!
We had a youth missionary kickoff yesterday after church.  We have been really wanting to involve the youth more, and a lot of them want to go on missions.  For the activity, they had to call a member, and book an appointment to teach the member a missionary lesson, (with the missionaries of course) so this week is nice and filled with some member visits. But I've said this before, these youth out here are INCREDIBLE! Last week, one of the girls in the young women came up to us and asked us for advice.  She told us that her friends at school had started saying inappropriate things around her and she really wanted to know the best way to be a good example to them! This girl is 14! I grabbed her and hugged her so tight! Then we sat down and talked for a little bit and worked out what she could do :)
This week, I really got the chance to see the power of the Book of Mormon in a more physical way than I ever have before.  We taught this kid that we met on the street, and asked him to read a bit from the Book of Mormon. We handed him the introduction to read, and when he was done, he just kept going until he had read all of the testimonies, and was about to start on to first Nephi.  As he was reading, the spirit was so strong, and his hands we literally shaking as he read.  We asked him right there to pray and ask if the Book was true.  So he prayed, and we sat and waited...and waited.... the spirit was SOO strong, then he said, "It feels too different" He felt the spirit, and since it was something he hadn't felt before, it scared him.  We bore testimony more of the spirit and tried to help him recognize it. hopefully we'll get to meet with him again this week.
Welp! That's all for this week! I love you all SOO much! I loved seeing the pictures of Åse Marie and Søster Buhler!! uhm... I mean Hana... :) I can't believe they were there! AH! CRAZY! Tell the Payne family that they are in my prayers too! LOVE YOU ALL!

-Søster Heywood

(Our view from the apartment window... taken at 6:35 in the morning... yup! the sun rises at about 3:30 am now...)

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