Monday, June 29, 2015

Sister Heywood? I did a bad thing...‏

Dear Family!
So, transfers happened this week and on Wednesday, it was time to say goodbye to the fabulous champion that is Sister Smith. Someone buy that Sister a cookie! But first, on Tuesday, the night before, we got to celebrate Sankthans Aften. (The longest day of the year aka THE SUN IS UP PAST MIDNIGHT DAY!) So we got special permission to stay up until 12 and out of the apartment as long as we were with a member. So we missionaries and a few members went to a park and played volleyball until 11:30, then drove home afterwards so Sister Smith could pack. It was so light outside! crazy.
On Wednesday, two of the other elders and I dropped Sister Smith off at the train station.  But alas, she needed help with her bags, so we got on the train to help her and the door shut behind us leaving one elder outside of the train, and the three of us on it headed to Kristiansand (The southern tip of Norway...)  The next stop was Kongsberg, so one of the elders and I got off and Sister Smith continued. After we got off, we realized that the next train back to Drammen didn't come for an hour... so we just chilled in Kongsberg for a while... yeah.... that was an awkward happenstance... and that's the last time I try to help my companion with her luggage ;)
Anywhoo... The week got better after that.  Sister Larsen came and we've been going hard ever since! Little run-down of Sister Larsen: She is from Seattle, she loves cows, SHE LOVES MUSICALS (really, I don't know how I keep getting so lucky!), and she is the fourth of 6 in her family! She's hilarious and inspires the title for this week's email.  I was in the bedroom getting ready for bed, and I hear from the other room, "Sister Heywooooood!!! I did a BAAAD thing!" So I chuckle and come into the kitchen to find Sister Larsen sitting at the table with a newly opened bag of pretzels... and the pretzels are ALL OVER THE KITCHEN!! She just sat there helplessly looking up at me.... it was adorable.... so naturally, I took a picture :) She's the best!
This time of summer is rough for missionary work because HALF of Norway goes on vacation to the rest of Europe.  Members, Investigators, they all leave! GAH! But luckily, it's still the Lord's work, and miracles still happen :)
The other day, one of our appointments cancelled, so we decided to go back to the apartment to grab some lunch, which we rarely do because our apartment is far away.  But as we got closer to home, we saw a lady struggling with some groceries.  Well are we missionaries or not? So we offered to help her, and she said she was fine, but we kept talking to her and she invited us over to teach her at her house (which is just down the hill from us).  We went there yesterday and she gathered her whole family to listen to what we had to say.  It is a family of four and all of them had LOTS of questions about what we believe in.  I guess their religion is basically to accept all religions... so we'll work on that one.  But they are so sweet and served us ice cream and told us we always have a place in their home as their "sisters".  We'll be going back to teach them this Thursday. 
Another miracle from this week was with one of our less actives. Her family doesn't support her being a member at all, in fact, they think she is literally mad, and have tried sending her to an institution.  So needless to say, her life is really hard right now.  She wasn't answering the door to anyone and just stayed in the apartment all day every day.  Then she called us last week and asked us if we could go on a walk with her.  We did and she is just the sweetest thing ever.  She told us she wanted a blessing for strength so she could come back to church, so later that day we walked with her to the church and one of the elders gave her a blessing.  Afterwards she asked if one of us played the piano and if she could sit in the chapel and just listen to music.  So I got to play the piano for her for about 45 minutes.  We both loved it! :) She is just so sweet. And it really showed me how powerful both the priesthood and music are.
Yesterday we got invited to dinner at a member's house with the precursor that it was going to be chaos.  And let me tell ya family, I felt SO AT HOME!  There were about 5 families total there plus the grandparents, and all of them are members.  It was like eating dinner at Grakum's house, (with a little less people).  They kept apologizing for the noise (Norwegians are REALLY quiet!) but I just told them it made me feel at home :)
I really learned this week how important family is and that the gospel really does bless families.  The world is tearing down families like crazy and that just proves how sacred they are.  I am so thankful for my family and that I can be blessed with a big crazy family.  I love you all so much, and I miss you! I'll be praying for all of you going on trek and those of you staying home too! Have an amazing week and an AWESOME 4th of July!!!
Love, Søster Heywood
"Sister Heywoooooood? I did a BAAAAD thing!"

We be walruses!!

 The car of legends: aka Kongsberg Elders drive us everywhere

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