Monday, January 4, 2016

It's Christmas. No it's not. Yes it is. No it's not where's the snow???‏

December 28, 2015

Dear Family,
I would like to formally give credit to Buddy the Elf for my email title.  This is basically what was going through my head all week.  To sum it up... I HAVE OFFICIALLY HAD MY FIRST GREEN CHRISTMAS! ........and it's the worst....yup!  But what do ya know, we wake up on the 27th and POOF! TONS of snow.  I guess it was just being a little shy.  Boo.
Short email for this week, but I'll sum up the most Norwegian week I've had.
Monday: Went to Eline's house and watched the Lion King in Norwegian.  She's right. It's the best. ;) (I have to say that because she is probably reading this right now ;)
Tuesday: We made a TON of cookies and took them around to some members.  Andto Sister Hill since it was her birthday.  Just imagine a ton of sugar cookies drowning two little girls in an even smaller kitchen:) 
Wednesday (Lille Julaften):  We went to the Bishop's house and ate risgrøt (basically rice pudding),and dancedand sang around the Christmas tree.
Thursday (Julaften): The ward had a Christmas Eve church meeting (without the sacrament),and Søster Peterson and I did two musical numbers.  After Church it was off to Familien Wyssenbach's house for some Christmas pinnekjøtt (lamb).  I LOVE IT.  SO YUMMY! mmm....  Then they let us know that they had volunteered to serve Christmas dinner to some refugees and we wouldn't be able to stay too long.   We asked if we could come, and it was so much fun.  Imagine a room full of middle easterners trying to sing Norwegian songs :)  It was the best! And they were all SO thankful.  It was the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve.
Friday (JUL):  Let's see... Nothing too exciting.... Oh yeah!  I got to talk to ya'll!!! ;)  It was the best!  And then of course Sister Peterson and I opened presents first thing, and boy were we spoiled this year!  Between our families, the ward, and Eline's family our little present corner was PACKED! WAY too many presents.  I just have to give some shoutouts for my favorites though!
Sister Buhler (Hana) gave me a autobiography about Al Fox.  AND SHE HAD IT SIGNED!!!! On the inside cover it says, "Jessica, Keep going, and don't ever stop! xo Al"  I was DYING!!!!! Oh man! That was a good one.  Good good good.  The ward gave us a total of 12 Chocolate bars. And for any of you who don't know how big one Norwegian chocolate bar is... it's about 4 Herseys bars.  That is a TON of chocolate. OI!  Eline gave me Cinderella in Norwegian and The Little Mermaid for Søster Peterson. Then a little dvd player that can hook up to any computer!  One for each of us! Her family gave us each a Marius patterned thermal. Martine gave some knitted socks and mittens, (Which are THE BEST!!!) And then of course comes the family:  Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, Pajamas (MUCH NEEDED!), a necklace, long socks, an art kit(wouldn't be Christmas without something artsy fartsy eh?) etc etc etc.  Then Søster Peterson somehow sneakily bought me Frozen in Norwegian!  And it's a sing along version... family: I hope you're all ready to learn thesongs in Norwegian when I come home ;) WE went over to an awesome cute member familly to finish the great day!
Saturday: We played soccer,  drove to hønefoss, ate CRAZY typical Norwegian food (pickled herring, liver, rotten cheese, etc....) Then came back to our mission leader's house for one last Christmas dinner.  So yummy as usual!  
Sunday:  Awesome day at church.  Then President Hill invited us over for dinner.  He had us sing Somewhere over the rainbow for him.... again :) He loves that song.  Oh man.  Then we came back to the apartment andhad probably the deepest heart to heart that I have ever had with a companion.  If anyone had any doubts.... I LOVE MY COMPANION SO MUCH!  She is one of the strongest people I know.
That about sums up this week.  Norwegian Christmas traditions are the best! I love my mission so much!!!!!!!
I love you all! The Church is true!
-Søster Heywood

Spoiled... I'm telling ya!



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