Sunday, January 24, 2016

Many are COLD but few are FROZEN‏

January 18, 2016

Kjære Fam,
Whelp!  It was -17 degrees this morning and that about sums up the week :) haha! It was SO cold.  So we said a big goodbye for being on the streets for more than 15 minutes at a time.  More than that and it gets a little dangerous.
But because of the cold, we decided to go banking in our neighborhood.  Usually I assume that these houses have been tried about a million times, but that is NOT safe to assume.  DISCLAIMER FOR THE UPCOMING STORY:  I have never been let in to a house while banking.  (Except once in Drammen because the lady thought we were JWs).  So we went out, and talked to a few cool people, then we met a German guy, Thomas, that I had actually met once already.  He couldn't speak Norwegian very well back when I met him, but now he's pretty good and can understand almost everything we say!  We made a plan to come back to him another day (We couldn't go in right then... mission rules :) We continued down the street though and a few houses later, a Norwegian man answered the door and listened!  Then he told us to come in out of the cold.  #pitycard Then we taught him and his family! It was a miracle!!! Also... he thought Mormons were kinda the same thing as Amish and that this was our first time "out in the real world".  Oh man...
Before we had gone out banking, we were coming home from emailing at the library and had the hardest time getting our car up our driveway.  Just imagine driving up an ice rink with a layer of snow on it.  Uff da.  Anywhoo... I got out of the car and shoveled while Søster Peterson tried again and again and again and again.  Seriously about 15 times.  As I was shoveling, a lady (Ellen) walked by and looked at me and BUSTED up laughing.  Something about a little girl in a dress shoveling a gross slushy driveway was funny to her I guess :) Well, we chatted for about 15 minutes and near the end of it, I told her I was a missionary from America.  Her mouth dropped.  She asked if I had Norwegian parents who had taught me Norwegian my whole life.  I was like... When I told her I t been in Norway for a little over a year, she about died.  It was cool and it made me think of when I was set apart the night before going to the MTC.  In my blessing it said that Norwegians would think I was a native speaker.  #Finallyfulfilled :) 
She invited us to her house later in the week for some coffee.  So we went, didn't drink coffee, and taught her about the Restoration instead :) So koselig.  And get this.  She LOVES art and music! Like... more than I do... I think we're gonna be good friends :)
I'm emailing a little later today because we decided to go sledding as a district.  SUPER fun!  We used these little shovel-ish things as sleds and went down a huge, steep hill! I definitely never made it to the bottom without falling off.  You're welcome for that mental picture. ;)
We had ZLT this week and talked lots more about Family History and how we can use it to find people to teach.  I made a decision.  I'm going to go crazy with Family History when I come home.   I'm sorry for anyone within 50 meters of me ;) haha! I LOVE IT!!!!

Grakum sent me an email today asking how the Holy Ghost helps us teach.  Which is super cool because that was really similar to the topic I spoke about in church yesterday.  My topic was how the Holy Ghost helps us everyday.  I focused a lot on the fact that it was EVERY day.  Not just the days that we have a really cool big spiritual experience.  As far as how the Holy Ghost helps us teach, I think that it is most important that He is both inspiring the learner and the teacher.   It doesn't matter how well the lesson is planned out.  If the learners aren't open to the Holy Ghost or the teacher hasn't followed the spirit in her preparation, the lesson will be a less effective.  Joseph Smith said that it is even vain for anyone to minister (or teach) without the Spirit. (PMG ch 4)  I have definitely seen that on my mission.  All the time.  If the Spirit is the copilot in a lesson, I need to switch seats with Him :) The Spirit is the Teacher. So really the topic should be how we help the Holy Ghost teach :) haha
A couple other fun things:
-had two crockpot meals this week.  Feels like home :)
-Started my last transfer today... weird...
-Norwegians ride their skis to school.... I'm a little jealous

I love you family! Have an AWESOME week!!!
Love Søster Heywood

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