Monday, January 11, 2016


Kjære Fam,
Okay, so first and coolest part of the week (other than like... missionary work):  Elsa came overnight and made a bunch of snowflakes on our car!!! Also, I thought snowflakes (like the six-sided cool stuff) were microscopic.... So that was a learning experience of the week! To quote Søster Peterson, "VERY REAL. MUST SEE".  
Then by Sunday, we were BURIED in snow.  I'm really thankful for 2 things this week.  1. A landlord that shoveled a little path to our car, and 2.  Windshield scrapers.  Oh yeah. SO much snow.   Nowadays Søster Peterson drives while I pray.  haha! It's so scary!
The STLs came this week! This transfer, it's Søster Sorensen and Søster Horner (My little girl is all grown up and being a training leader! *tear*).  I LOVE those two!! I started the day with Søster Sorensen (Who is in my group and going home at the same time as me).  We started contacting on the streets and basically talked about the parable of the wheat and the tares the whole time.  Conclusion: Asker is full of tares (people that just won't listen, rude people, etc)  But there is DEFINITELY wheat here (prepared people,  even just kind people).  We just have to find the wheat among all the tares.  So we don't get discouraged after talking to a "tare".  We're just one tare closer to a wheat.  Is that a mean analogy? I feel mean now that I'm typing it out.  I love the tares too I promise! And so does God :)
Anywho... The second half of the day I was reunited with Søster Horner!!! Man!  I have missed that sister!  It took me back to training in Stavanger except now, she was training me!  So fun!  We had a couple appointments and since the other sisters had the car, we got to go on a LONG walk in the snow after missing our bus.  Good times.  We eventually got to our appointment with an investigator Claudia.  Well, I mean she's nine so she's technically an investigator.  Her mom is a member, but wants her daughter to be sure about baptism... long story... anywho, so we taught this 9 year old about baptism and it was so fun!  She had a friend over as well and her little friend almost participated in the lesson more than she did :) When we finished the lesson, Claudia asked if I knew how to play the cup game.  (Oh yeah, all skills are used in this mission) haha!  So we played the cup game and headed home.  As we were planning with the STLs, Sister Firth and House serving in Drammen called and told us that their pipes were frozen and asked if they could come spend the night.  So long story short... we had 6 sisters in that apartment that night.  Uff da :)
Magni is doing well. Just gotta get her to be more comfortable praying... She still isn't sure if she believes in God quite yet which makes it kinda hard to pray.  If any RMs have tips let me know :) But she's still good and she's trying.  We can't expect more than that eh?
We started calling through the area book this week seeing if any former investigators would be up for meeting again, and we found a guy named Mike.  He's so cool!  And he has been taught EVERYTHING.  He told us is he gets answers to a couple of his questions, ie Baptisms for the dead, then he'll be baptized! So that's pretty awesome!  Definitely a tender mercy after the last few weeks of having almost no investigators.  We're excited to keep teaching him.
A few other fun things:
-Basically got force fed four giant Norwegian hot dogs.... And by force feed I mean it was an old Norwegian lady and I just can't say no to old Norwegian ladies.  I thought I was gonna puke.
-Applied for college... that was weird... that's enough about that...
-Went to primary with Claudia on Sunday... There is NOTHING cuter than little primary kids speaking Norwegian.  
I've been studying the Holy Ghost during personal study and learned something cool.  If you want a specific answer from the Holy Ghost, you need to ask a specific question to God.   I can't count the number of times I have prayed and asked,  "Heavenly Father, please help me be better."  That is NOT specific.  And besides, how do I know if I became better?  Better in what way?  So instead I've been asking "Heavenly Father,  how can I be a better companion?  How can I be more obedient? etc."  It's just like the talk from General Conference last October "What Lack I Yet".  When we ask specifically, we are answered specifically.  Then comes the unshakable testimony that prayers are answered through the Holy Ghost.  That testimony doesn't come through half hearted asking.  :)
I love you family!!!!!!! Have a great week!
-Søster Heywood
This was Sunday...

This was last Wednesday.... Magical right??

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